Unloading film on a Rolleiflex 3.5E-E3

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by jil_tardiff, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    For some reason I ended up acquiring several cameras at once, between learning how to use them and
    resurrecting my darkroom I've been awfully busy.

    I finally got around to putting a roll of film through my Rolleiflex-- based on the first contact sheet I will
    need to get used to this one, but the Maxwell screen is a *huge help* -- so thanks to those who
    suggested it. I did run into one problem--- unloading the film. It was odd, the shutter appropriately
    "locked" after the 12th exposure, but then shouldn't the crank wind up the rest of the film freely? It felt
    locked, so I didn't force it -- I sacrificed the last picture on the roll (no big deal) but it did crank freely
    after the back opened.

    Any of you Rollei experts have any ideas?


  2. Jil, if you press the shutter again after 12th shot, then the crank most probably will wind up. Please, have a try even without the film. It has worked in my Rolleiflex GX 2.8
  3. On my 2.8E the film can be wound to the end after the 12th shot without pressing the shutter release. I think it might be time for a CLA.
  4. The film should wind on after the 12th exposure. I would try it again. You'll need to load film in order to engage the counter mechanism. If the problem persists, then I agree with Robert and it's time for a CLA.

  5. Thanks for confirming my concern.

    Luckily I purchased this from a reputable guy, he immediately suggested I mail it in to him for a look-see. I'm going to run a roll of film through it this afternoon to make sure it wasn't operator error and if still no dice, off it goes to the Rollei hospital.

  6. You are still rocking it back and forth right? (it doesn't just spin 360 deg at frame 12)
  7. OK, so this time I slowed down and (as Mike suggested) rocked the crank first -- and then the winding went perfectly. Must have been newbie operator error the first time.

    I may still have the guy take a look out of it because the shutter wheel is very tight, but I'll put a few rolls through it first.

    I am really enjoying this camera, what a blast.

  8. Jil: it's interesting to hear about your experiences with your "new" 'flex 3.5E3. I've just
    recently acquired one, too. And, while it's pretty ugly to look at. it seems to perform well
    in a mechanical sense. The 3.5 Planar lens makes sharp pix, but I was hoping for a bit
    more contrast -- probably have to experiment with film/developer combinations to get
    what I want.
    Any comments on results from users of the Xenotar variant?
  9. I think i have a Rolleiflex E3 but it has the delayed action lever on the left side looking from the front of the camera, on the E2 it is on the right side, as per the photos on rolleiclub, can any one help,or even photo of E3, yours George Pirie.

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