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  1. I am looking into the MFA program at the Academt of Art in San Francisco, mainly because I really like the way they handle their program. They have many focuses in photography (documentary, commercial, fine art etc.) bt still group all the students together, giving the same assignments but relating the assignments to each focus. I very much like this idea and I was wondering if there are other schools that would handle their program this way. Perhaps not on the west coast? I live in New Hampshire and all of my family is here on the east coast and I'd like to stay here.
    There is the choice of doing the program online, from anywhere in the country, but I feel that would detract from the critique process and hands-on learning. Are there programs like this back east? or smiliar?
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    FIT, RISDI and SAIC may be the only private schools east of the Sierra Nevada with brand names that count. What's the point of an MFA if it doesn't buy national attention in a CV?

    West of the Sierra Nevada there are of course more:
    http://calarts.edu/ http://www.artcenter.edu/accd/about/history.jsp
    Find MFAs in online CVs of YOUNG photographers who seem commercially and/or gallery-successful in important (ie biggest) cities..ask them for their thoughts...
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  6. Low-residency programs like the ones at Transart Institute may be an interesting alternative to online as they combine personal contact with individual study. Wikipedia has an extensive list. Bard and Vermont might also be of interest. Best of luck in your search. Klaus

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