Uniformity of sensor spacing

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  1. How uniform is the spacing between the elements in a 20D or 50D sensor? In other words, the sensor might have something like 5000 "pixels" (probably the wrong word) along one edge. is the spacing of those pixels extremely uniform or can there be significant variation due to fabrication?
  2. The spacing of elements in semiconductor fabrication (sensors too) is controlled to tenths, hundredths, or even thousandth of a micron. in the Canon 50D, the sensors are 4.7 micrometers (sorry can't figure out how to type a mu) from center to center. The pitch tolerance is probably 1/100 micrometer or less.
  3. For all practical purposes they are perfectly uniform.
    Some details on sensors are at http://www.photo.net/learn/raw/
  4. Thanks, guys.
  5. quite unlike the uniformity of almost any film scanner or even film itself. For engineering applications glass plates are used for accurate measurments.
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