uneven development at the edges

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  1. I'm hoping that all you clever people can help me. I've recently
    started developing 10x8 in a 12x16 tray with 3 litres of dev and
    the problem I'm having is more density at the edges particularly
    where the image is slightly shifted more to one side of the film(if you get
    my meaning)if anyone can help that would be great.


    Chris Kargotis
  2. Chris,
    It's hard to believe your trouble is related to development, at least
    if you're processing one sheet at a time. Light uneveness on
    enlarging seems more probable. Check your light output without
    (negative on film stage), printing for a medium gray and develop
    normally as you've been doing. Good luck.


    Cesar B.
  3. I have not done much tray development of sheet film, but I hear the
    extra edge density is due to developer sort of rolling up around the
    edge of the film and giving more agitation to that area. You might
    need to try agitating a different way, or changing the amount of
    solution so the whole negative sits deeper.
  4. Chris: I would suspect you are getting a swirling effect at the edges
    of of the film from the tray, especially if you are rocking the tray.
    Try agitating the film by lifting it out of the developer and turning
    it over. Do this gently. Also make sure there are no rough places on
    the bottom of the tray.


  5. I would guess it is from uneven agitation or too much agitation,
    possibly agravated by not enough developer in the tray or too many
    sheets in the tray at once. Add more developer, develop less film at
    one time, review your agitation technique -- it can't hurt (except it
    uses more chemicals) but with the money you spent on film and the
    trouble you went to to put the film into the camera and point it at
    something, well, you might as well try it.
  6. I do this all the time with no apparent problem, and you are using a
    larger tray and a lot more developer than I use. But I agree with
    everyone, it has to be your agitation technique. My technique has
    always been to rock the tray back and forth and up and down very
    gently (though several people above seem to indicate I shouldn't be
    doing this). For the once-per-minute agitation I just lift a side of
    the tray 4 or 5 times, but I work my way around the tray and lift a
    different side each minute. I guess it's whatever works for you. Just
    try changing your pattern until you find what works. You didn't say
    what film and developer you are using, or if you are pre-soaking. I
    always pre-soak for a couple of minutes--supposedly this allows the
    developer to diffuse into the emulsion more evenly.

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