Underwater with Mamiya RZ67

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  1. I work as a fashion photographer, and currently use the Mamiya RZ67 ProIID with
    a digital back. I would like to do an underwater-fashion-shoot, but curious how
    to proceed. Are there any waterproof containers for Mamiya RZ or another trick
    one could do? The equipment is quite expensive, so hopefully a safe way:)
  2. Just called a local dealer, he told me Aquatica 67 fitted my RZ, but told me it was discontinued. Where can I get my hands on one?
    He also told me it costed 7000$ new. Is that true??
  3. Wow, talk about a near impossible challenge. You do not mention any details about the shooting conditions: pool, open water, sea etc. etc., but due to the RZs bellows focus, controls layout, and your digital back cables, a self-contained, submergible housing would be extremely complicated and custom made (expensive). If a pool type setting is possible, then scout a location that has underwater viewing windows, of sufficient clarity, to permit RZ shooting with dry feet.

    That said, if the camera system could be supported or floated ABOVE the water, an inverted periscope system might be viable. A sketch is worth a thousand words, but imagine a camera dry above the water, pointed downward into an optical periscope major axis that penetrates the water, then an adjustable mirror that controls the exit angle. The wider the lens(s) the bulkier the periscope rig.

    Finally, do not forget the lighting requirements. Underwater lighting is not impossible, but better to consider shooting needs sooner rather than later. Good Luck and If You can Pull this Off, Please Post an Image!
  4. Thanks for your great reply Scott.
    I will definitely shoot the images in a pool which makes it much easier. I suppose untethered is the way to go, so I get rid of the cables. Your idea about having the camera over the water with a mirror is great. But it will be a great effort to find the proper focus:)
    Let me think for a while how this could be achieved. Please post some ideas if you have some more.
    There are a lot of aquarium pools with windows, but it should be hard to get the permit posing together with fish. But I will check it up!
  5. Contact EWA marine they may have something that will fit. I would think one of the video
    housings would be the better bet. Drawback...they don't last as long and if not closed
    properly you flood your gear.
  6. I called EWA-Marine about housing for my RZ camera. They did not have anything suitable nor any idea where to get one. Any other ideas?
    PS. I might just shoot through a glass aquarium:)
  7. Wow..I would think one of their video bags would work....I smell a market.
  8. For future reference go to www.sportsshooter.com and search their threads. There were a few involving underwater housing and custom housing builders. Most of the pro (I think) get custom jobs done...
  9. Hi ther Baard
    I don't know if you are still interested in an Aquatica RZ67 but I am putting mine on the
    I am the Technical Field Advisor to Aquatica and live in New England.
    If you would like to further this discussion, feel free to e-mail me directly to
    mauricio@handlerphoto.com (www.handlerphoto.com)
    I have also rented my housing in the past- so buy or rent, this may work out for you as


    Mauricio Handler

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