Underwater photography . . . INDOORS !?

Discussion in 'Nature' started by studio-era, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Greetings to all,
    This is our first post, and we ask pardons if it is in the wrong section. We've decided to post our question here as we notice all underwater subjects are located under 'Nature'.
    Our question is a bit off topic, perhaps. . .
    We are looking for a photographer/studio that has an indoor pool/watertank for underwater fashion shoots.
    (Anywhere in North America)
    We've been approached by a client who wants her wedding dresses advertised in such a way, but we cannot hel p her as we don't have underwater equipment.
    We can send a photo she sent us that she would like to re-capture, if it would help.
    Any suggestions where we could start would be most helpful.
    Brad & Petra Foubister
    www.Studio-Era.co m 00SUGa-110245884.jpg
  2. You can easily achieve this lighting with any (unlit) pool. I'd go to a dive shop and ask them to rent their pool. You can adjust the color in post processing.
  3. Thanks Michael.
    We've actually found a couple people from Model Mayhem that will be able to do the shoot for us.
    I hope we don't get asked to do any more of these unless we find a studio that has a very large fish tank ;-)
    I refuse to start buying underwater equipment . . . (*truth* my visa limit won't let me . . )
    thanks again,
    Brad & Petra
  4. There's a photographer from Ohio who has been profiled in the PPA magazine, as well as a piece in Ed Pierce's PhotoVision series, who does this type of work. I don't recall his name, but I think that if you do a little searching, you'll come up with it...
    Ah, found it:
    Good luck,
  5. Tim!
    Thanks very much!
    I'll send a mail off his way later today.
    Much appreciated,
    Brad & Petra
  6. I am an amateur underwater nature photographer and would like to be able to enlarge my underwater photos to about 3ft across with decent resolution. Is this going to be possible with a 10megapixel camera? If not, how large a photo could be created with this kind of camera?
    Barry Cohen

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