Underwater off-camera flash for Canon S100, S120

Discussion in 'Nature' started by tropdude, May 28, 2014.

  1. Canon PowerShot S100 + WP-DC43 Waterproof Case for PowerShot S100
    Canon PowerShot S120 + WP-DC51 Waterproof Case for PowerShot S120
    What are the best options to have two (2) off-camera underwater (scuba diving) flash for either or both of the above two configurations?
    Price is not a factor, but small size, portability and reliability, power is very desirable.
    Thank you!
  2. You are going to need an arm and tray set up with two sets of arms if you use 2 flash units. For that plastic Canon case you will also need a kit to velcro a fibre optic cable over the outside of the case in front of the pop-up flash and a second cable to connect the two flash units to each other. Those plastic cases are really more for snorkeling imo. I looked up recommendations for UW packages for the S100 at Blue Water Photo and they recommend the Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe and the Recsea housing.

    I'm not sure of the specs for the S100 but I do know that other Canon cameras notably the G series had some serious negative limitations when it came to using flash, which is why I switched to the Sony RX 100 series in a Nauticam case. The Sony syncs the flash to any shutter speed, the Canon I was using (G12) did not. Also more importantly when you switch the G-12 to manual settings which is pretty much mandatory underwater imo the camera disables the TTL function forcing you to use manual flash setting and guess at an exposure.

    I have used a single Sea & Sea YS-110a with both the Canon and the Sony and it has proven to be a reliable flash unit. The current equivalent model would be the Sea & Sea YS-250 strobe for underwater photography.

    Before my next dive trip I am picking up one of these to go with my original flash.

    I tried to cut and paste links to the flash into this reply but PN seems unable or unwilling to comply. Do a search for Blue Water Photo they have a lot of good information available on their site.
  3. z t,
    I haven't been in the water for many years, too many to discuss. However, along with Sea & Sea and the other manufacturers that Gordon has suggested, you might also look at the Ikelite website which I do see has U/W stuff for both your Canon PowerShot models.
    Might be worth taking a look at their site as they may also have some good information.
    If the link will work, . . .
  4. ZT I would call Reef Photo. They should be able to help you with an appropriate set up.
    Good hunting.
  5. Thanks a lot!
    My question relates to use the Canon S100/120 (no annoying touch screen in these models) as a secondary UW and/or easily portable UW camera.
    I use the Nikon D3 series with Aquatica and Ikelites -- it is absolutely awesome workhorse, but sometimes just prohibitively heavy and/or bulky. So I need the best alternative in a VERY small and portable version.
    More opinions are appreciated!

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