Under Glass or not?

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  1. Low volume weekend warrior here, with a question regarding print

    I'm doing my first framed, textured, mounted print, and I was
    curious as to wether or not I should put glass in the frame.

    The print is 16x20, linen textured, and dry mounted on presentation
    board. Would framing this behind glass detract from the texture? Or
    is the protection from dust, etc the glass provides still the
    desired way to go.

  2. What I did for a liquid light print on fine art paper with texture i wanted to show was to frame it in a shadowbox frame, so it was protected yet the paper wasn't sandwiched directly under glass and the texture was still quite visible.
  3. Glass framing is important for any photographic print. While ultraviolet light is an enemy
    of photos, the caustic environment is even worse.

    With any textured print like linen, you can select a 6 or 8 ply archival mat that keeps the
    glass from touching the surface. Make sure both the mat, mounting board and
    attachment materials are archival, museum quality. UV glass offers further protection.

    The company Light Impressions offers everything you need via mail order if you are able to
    do it yourself.
  4. Have you produced the print on an inkjet? I so, be sure to gas off the print by laying any kind of paper directly over your print for 24hrs. Inks gas off at a very slow rate unless absorbed through paper. he result of not doing this may produce fogging inside the glass which leads to a service call you don't need.

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