under exposing kodak 400UC

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by jr stevens, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Hi there , i am a newbie to film having recently purchased a nikon f100 ..i would like to know if its possible to shoot kodak 400UC at iso 800 or even 1600 and still get decent results (reason i ask is I was given a few rolls of this film to try out and finding any 800 film where I live is next to impossible!!
  2. Yes and no. Yes, provided you have a lab capable of doing consistent +1 to +2 push process development. No, since nearly all C41 materials are tolerant of over -exposure, few handle under -exposure gracefully, a problem that gets worse with higher ISO and much more than a full stop of underexposure. Any chance of a longer exposure at ISO400 with a tripod?
  3. I agree with Gary. With normal processing 400UC doesn't look good with much under exposure at all. If anything, I tend to slightly over-expose it.
  4. No. Underexposing and processing it normally gives severe magenta casts and a ton of grain. I never tried push processing in it but would use Portra 800 if you like Kodak and need more speed.
  5. C-41 films don't do well when underexposed. I burn my Kodak 400UC @ 320, and get very nice results. If you need-want more speed, go with Kodak Portra 800 or Fuji natura 1600.

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