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  1. I "vanity-google" myself every once in a while just to see.....This time I got a hit here http://photohab.com/photography-blog/steve-henry.html
    Never heard of this web site. Never joined.
    Most of the photos are from photo.net, but the bio is from my much neglected amateur web site www.henryimages.net
    I wonder if those of you who are much more web savvy than I am how to get in touch with the person who started this and facilitate electronic strangulation.
    Also, maybe others ought to check this site out as well for unauthorized use.
    Thanks, Steve
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    You can send a DMCA takedown notice, but I believe the site is hosted in the Ukraine, so it may be hard to enforce.
  3. Hmm.
    I hadn't Googled myself lately. It's kind of scary, especially when you search with "-photo.net" in the search and find out how much stuff from Photo.net has been "appropriated" or sometimes just cited elsewhere.
    For example, someone on one of the "whatsis"-type sites posted a link to a photo of mine in my portfolio as an answer to a question about Jivaro blowguns. ?
    Another very good reason to have a "nom d'Internet" so at least it's a little harder for the Feds (not the Russian cameras) to find you.
  4. Steve,
    I looked at it briefly, and the site says nice things about you and your craft.
    I would just leave it as is, since perhaps does not do any harm ?
    Harvesting photos from photo.net has been going on for years.
    Few moths ago, it was automated to the point that pictures viewed from photo.net gallery were automatically loaded to a harversing thief web site, and viewers were able to see the same picture, the same way as if it was presented from photo.net.
    Those scammers did not do it right, web thieves amatures, I guess, and left viewers stranded without ability to return back to the photo.net site with the usual left arrow navigation.
    If the scammers were abit more inteligent, they could have returned viewers link back to the photo.net gallery, and noobody would even notice it.
    This is a history, and fortunately the problem was corrected.
  5. Steve, consider adding a copyright notice and contact info to your photos prior to publishing them.
    1. It helps discourage copyright violation
    2. It helps promote the sale of rights to your images because people can easily contact you about purchasing rights.
    Many times I've sold rights to my images buyers have found here on photo.net. Without the contact info on the image, that would not have happened.
    Also, you can switch off the ability for people to save your photo.net images by right clicking. Although they could still save them by screen capture (print screen key). Most photo thieves are not smart enough to know that.
  6. Thanks for the help folks. Had to go away to the internet-free wilderness for a couple of days. Actually I give most of my photos away anyway - to local environmental organizations - so it's not the profit motive. I just don't like people using my stuff without the courtesy of asking permission. More to come, I'm sure. Steve

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