'unable to write to file' error in Epson scan on Perfection 4490 with Digital ICE

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by h_s|1, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. I keep getting this error in Epson Perfection 4490 scanner whenever I have Digital ICE enabled.
    I called up Epson support the last time I got this (a couple of weeks ago) and after a couple of hours in two phone calls, there was still no resolution. The only thing the tech support guy was able to prove was that the error doesn't occur at the minimum resolution ... no comfort there! He even asked me change the default folder from "Pictures" (in Windows 7) to something else (no idea how in the world is that supposed to help).
    So far, the only thing I have been able to notice is that this happens when I am using Digital Ice (resolution is 2400 dpi) and when the scanner goes from the end of one strip to the start of the next one. So if I have two strips of 4 frames, the error mostly occurs after the 4-th frame has been scanned and the 5-th is in progress.
    Anybody else getting this error consistently in such situations? Any solutions somebody can offer?
  2. I assume you have gone through the old--latest firmware, latest software--sorts of things. Thrown away the preferences files and cache files etc?
    If so, don't use digital ice! I don't know if you will see it in most applications, but these dust removal programs can suck the life right out of many images as they clog up the specular highlights in things like grass, trees etc. and muddy up other areas of fine detail. If you are doing small scans for the web, the dust isn't going to show up anyway. If you are doing big scans for prints, take the time to hand spot--or selectively use "dust & scratches" in broad flat areas, like skies.
    I realize this isn't what you asked for, but if you weren't aware of it, now you are.
  3. Another solution would be to use Vuescan instead of Epson scan. With the V700, I found Vuescan's IR clean to be a lot better than Epson's Digital ICE. (Vuescan does a lot less damage to the image; to the point of being usable for critical work. John's quite right about Epson's DICE not being ready for prime time, but Vuescan's (and NikonScan's) work well. (Most of the time, and at their less aggressive settings, and you need to check the results carefully. But a major improvement over spotting by hand.)) Vuescan will set you back some money, and quite a bit of time getting used to it's user interface. But it supports pretty much all scanners and all operating systems, and is actually quite usable once you get used to it.

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