Unable to transfer firmware to memory Card

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by susiewond, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Hullo
    I have a Nikon D700 and a Mac computer. To add that I have not upgraded to the 1.02 firmware as I only became aware of upgrades recently
    1. I have downloaded the latest firmware update for Nikon D700 onto my desktop.
    2. Placed the formatted memory card into card reader .
    3. firmware upgrade dmg is on the desktop. So is the Nikon D700
    I know I am supposed to
    Copy the D700_103.bin file to the top level of the memory card, do not copy the file into any folder on the memory card. ( not sure what this means)
    I drag the downloaded update to the Nikon DCIM folder - This is not working as when I remove the memory card to place back into the camera - there is not firmware to update.
    Be grateful if somebody can provide a step by step how to
    Thank you
  2. You put it in a folder. You must put it in the root directory - the same level as DCIM.
  3. Hi Charles
    Please explain in more detail How to , because as far as I am aware I have done this see screen shot.
  4. "I drag the downloaded update to the Nikon DCIM folder..."
    Drag the update directly to "Nikon D700" on your desktop. The "DCIM" folder is NOT the root directory, but a sub-folder of "Nikon D700". "Nikon D700" is the root directory.
  5. Sue - what Michael said.
  6. But step 4 in their instructions says this:
    Copy the D700_103.bin file to the top level of the memory card, do not copy the file into any folder on the memory card.

    So it seems that you don't want it inside the DCIM folder. You want it on the same level as it is.
  7. I have hopefully done the correct method - see screen shot
  8. Instear of dragging it with your mouse or pad, just use COPY and then PASTE commands.
  9. Done all what you have said copied and pasted onto the DCIM so that is it then- All I have to do is remove the CD card and insert this into the camera.
    A question I have is once I inserted the CD card into the card reader Lightroom opens up - thinking that there are photos to upload. What I have done is close Lightroom and use the Nikon DCIM on my desktop. Is this Ok.
  10. IF you actually have a D700, then the correct Firmware is this one (and NOT the D4):

    And it will NOT be an alias as you have now!
    It will need to be located at the root of your memory card, like so:
  11. Nope, you have an alias of the F-D4-V103M at the root (the little arrow in the lower left corner of the icon means an alias). You have to grab the D4_0103.bin and pull it to the left column in the white area below the F-D4-V103M and let go, which will move the updater where it's supposed to be. Correct, the updater should be D700_0103.bin.
  12. Is this correct?
  13. Done
    Thank you all for your time and patience. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  14. You were lucky that the D4 patch did not install on a D700 camera.
    Perhaps Nikon predicted unlikely actions like yours ?

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