unable to save post processing image in fire fox

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by peter k, May 3, 2015.

  1. Hi all, running Win7 Home and Firefox I am unable to save as or any other save of the image. So I am unable to participate in the post processing challenge. Any help would be appreciated. Firefox says " failed".
  2. Spearhead

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    You don't save images in Firefox in a browser. You save them on a storage device somewhere and then open them in Firefox. However, once you save them in a folder, there is no need to open them in a browser as you can just upload the file from wherever you have saved it.
  3. Hi Jeff, I was not clear enough in my post. I need to somehow get the image so I can work on it. Then post it on the forum after I am done.
  4. Spearhead

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    You should be able to right click and download the image, is that not working?
  5. Hi Jeff thank you for your help, no that is not working. I right click and select save image as but it fails. E-Mail image to myself works. So I guess that is the way to do it.
    Regards Peter
  6. If you're talking about downloading from
    photo.net, Flickr, etc., some photos may have
    right-click disabled.

    You can enable right clicking on your own photos.
    And there are ways to bypass right-click
    disabling. For example, inspect the page,
    identify the photo URL, and download it.

    If these are other member's photos, it's safest
    to assume they don't welcome downloads or
    modifying their photos as part of the critique
    process, even though all members agree to this as
    part of the site terms of use.
  7. Spearhead

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    Lex, it's the image in this thread. It should be downloadable, I can download it in Chrome.
  8. I can download the images in Firefox too, so it's probably not a browser specific problem. The error may be produced by the OS having problems writing the image to the selected location.
  9. You might have some script blocking utility
    running that could interfere with accessing some
    photo.net content and navigation.

    There are also anti-malware protections that may
    hinder downloading files.
  10. Hi Lex, thank you for the reply. It was /is Malwarebytes Pro that stopped the Image download. Once I disabled it all was OK and working as others have said.
    Regards Peter

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