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  1. I just discovered this retailer:
    "Photo Warehouse (UltraFineOnLine)
    121 Lombard Street
    Oxnard, CA 93030"

    They have their own film, and even their own chemicals. Obviously, they don't manufacture any of it. Does anyone have experience with this brand? I've googled and searched on this form, and people in the past suggested that it's a rebranded Ilford's Delta series.

    If true, that's incredible. Delta (to me) is a "Cadillac/Mersedes of B&W films" and here I can get it for $50 per 100ft roll. Is there a catch? Their chemicals are affordable too.
  2. A lot of people over in the Classic Manual Camera forum have known of this film for a bit of time. I am one who for about 5 years now has used the Ultrafine emulsion regularly. No one connected to the film will give any hint who makes it, but most of "us" believe it is a rebadged Kentmere material. The Delta material is a cubic grained emulsion material, similar to the Kodak T max material.
    The Ultrafine material has both 100 & 400 ratings and the best factor I like is that it is in both 35mm & 120 format. . .Kentmere does not have the 120 material.
    I could only give you advise on exposing & developing in several of my cathecol / pyro staining developers. Wander around some of the CMC postings by me and others to get a look of what the material can do. If you really like what you see, give me a PM and I will forward my work flow with the UFX materials and the PyrocatHD or Hypercat developers currently under my sink. Here is a shot from last week with my Kiev 4 / Jupiter-8 combo. UFX 400 & Hypercat. 2k20-032-023 ces10 xx bc bm.jpg

    Stay safe & Aloha, Bill
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  3. Thanks! Kentmere's great, I love that film.
  4. TMax is T-grain (hexagonal), not cubic.

    As well as I know it, Kentmere films, and so likely the current Ultrafine films, are made by Ilford, but
    not in the factories that make Ilford brand film.
  5. Kentmere had a factory near Kendal, Cumbria, England. They used to only make high-quality photographic printing papers there.

    The name, at least, is now part of the Harman/Ilford group. So maybe the old paper plant has been re-equipped to make film? I don't know for sure, but it seems likely that the almost zero demand for B&W enlarging paper has left Kentmere's mixing and ripening vats largely unused.
  6. Unlike in film, there is no competition from Kodak. (Unless you want to print them on Endura.)

    I got some second-hand Panalure some years ago, not so long after Kodak stopped producing
    any black and white papers. I believe it was from a studio closing down their printing section.

    All the ones I know of now, though, are using Fuji Crystal Archive. There are labs which will print
    digital images on Crystal Archive for very reasonable prices. It does seem funny to print black and
    white pictures that way, though.

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