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  1. This really is a difficult lens to use well, but here's one of the better ones I managed on the way home from work. As can be seen, the sun is in the frame, and I'm actually surprised at how well controlled the flare is.

    I'm going to head out with this lens(and of course some others) tomorrow.

  2. This lens is continuing to blow me away. I went out this afternoon for a while, and ended up using it for almost all the photos I took. Maybe it's the "newness" of it, but everything else just felt too tight.

    BTW, I used it a fair bit on my F4 also in shutter priority mode.


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  3. Glad to hear you're happy, Ben! (And nice images.)

    I have a Think Tank Airport Acceleration v2.0. The new version (the "airport accelerator", a distinction which confuses Google no end) is slightly larger, but I valued the separate laptop bag - which I actually have with me at the moment even though my camera bag is at home.

    On the way back from Yellowstone, in order to get my suitcase under the weight allowance for the flight, the camera bag held:
    • D810 + L-plate
    • 200mm f/2
    • 200-500 f/5.6
    • 300 f/4
    • 70-200 f/2.8
    • 14-24 f/2.8
    • 24-70 f/2.8 VC Tamron
    • 200mm f/4 AI-S + filter
    • TC14e-ii
    • Camera batteries
    • Laptop battery pack
    • 18650s for flashlight
    • Chargers
    • 3 books
    • Dell XPS-13
    That's not how I normally carried it. (It also doesn't count the 17" work laptop and the 15" Macbook Pro I had in the laptop bag.) Fortunately they didn't try to weigh the bag - it was probably most of the weight of my suitcase. The trick in airports is not to look like the backpack is heavy...

    Next time I do Yellowstone I won't bother with the 200 f/2, which will save me 3kg. On the down side, I'll probably have hired an 800mm f/5.6, but I'm not intending to try to carry it on a flight.
  4. How on earth did all that fit into that bag? My biggest is the next one down in the Airport Series, the Commuter. Haven't actually used it yet - I mostly make do with the Streetwalker Series.
  5. Wow, Andrew, it sounds like carry-on weight limit typical on European flights is exceeded by the time you get to the fourth item... :)

    I actually think for intercontinental travel the best way (for me) is to stay within the carry-on limits and put the tripod in checked baggage. This also makes it much easier to move when getting out of the plane and going to shoot. I might have four medium sized lenses and one camera body (two if it is a an important and costly trip). I guess wildlife photographers don't have it so easy. Aah, now I remember why I don't photograph wildlife on a regular basis.:)
  6. Wot, no back-up body?......:mad:
  7. Slowly. Which is why I'm not happy when airport security want everything unpacked. (The 14-24 is helpfully conical, which lets you fit things around it. The trick with most other things is to pack small things between the lens and the tripod foot.) I was pleasantly surprised to find they all made it into the safe in my hotel room - normally I struggle even with a single laptop. I did have to take the hoods off, though.

    British airways officially have an economy carry-on baggage limit that's the same as the hold baggage limit (it used to be "unlimited") - although the limit actually printed on the aircraft bins is alarmingly lower. That's the main reason I prefer them - along with the interruptions to the films being half as long because the announcements are only in one language. :) The bag is officially within the size limits - although my laptops usually end up around my feet.

    I actually couldn't find my RX100, which I'd normally take. I've hired a D500 in the US as a back-up, but fortunately my wife could share the pack-horse duties. If someone would like to gift me a D5, I promise I'll find a way to carry it, though.

    I've been known to carry most of that lens set (not the 200-500 or 300mm, but usually adding a fish eye and a 150mm macro) to tiddlywinks tournaments, so I'm fairly used to it.

    You may be able to tell why I didn't do much hiking in Yellowstone. (When I wandered up above Grand Prismatic I left most of this in the car boot and hoped it wouldn't overheat in the sun...)

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