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  1. Hi.

    I love steep perspectives and think wide angle lenses are truly remarkable. I love steep perspectives and enjoy near far shots. I love wide angle lenses that close focus to .2 meters. I see Canon and Nikon both have modern 14 2.8 lenses that can close focus to .2 meters. My widest lens is a 21 mm that can focus to .2 meters. Has anyone used either of these lenses at this focus distance? I photograph wildflowers and wide angle closeups convey a story to me. I used the Nikon 21 mm with the K1 tube as Naturfotograph.com suggested. I see he wrote a review of the 14 mm where he says it can also take the K1 tube but at the users own risk. Has anyone done this? I have never used a 14 mm lens. I am hoping you can help me offer insights into widlflower scenics I could take with wide angle lenses that have a very close focus limit. Have you ever enjoyed the close focus of these lenses? If you are a landscape photographer have you ever put a rock or tree very close in the picture? I am hoping you could offer some insight to see if this type of lens, with its luxurious perspective and close focus distance, could take additional interesting photographs for me.

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    Recently got myself an inexpensive little Nikkor AF P 10-20 4.5 5.6 for my D 7200. Prior to that, the widest I had was a 20 or 18-35. Though I don't have specifics, the antlers were very close to the lens. the garage probably 20' away. I will see if I can find a surviving blossom near the house to post a sample for you. A fun lens, particularly in the city.
    DSC_8839 (1024x683).jpg
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    A couple of hard frosts - nothing left. This the best I can do - very close to the Rose hips a foot and a bit.
    DSC_9167 (1024x664).jpg
  4. Thank you. That would be a 15 mm lens (on dx) that can close focus to .22 meters. This is wide and cheaper than a 14mm lens. What a gem of advice. Thank you so much for producing a picture for me. A whole project done for this vision. Thank you. I will consider it seriously.
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  5. I love your backyard:)
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  6. I like to wander through the Chicago Botanic Garden with a single lens. This was taken on the maiden voyage of a Loxia 21. I like the ability to capture something close in the foreground while maintaining a sense of place. It takes some concentration to approach this closely (8" or so), when the temptation is to capture a sweeping wide view.

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  7. MO-StL-MBG-.jpg
    Sigma 15-30mm @15mm
  8. I tried a similar thing a few years, I thought at the time that it had potential but I've not got around to trying it again.

    Hershey Flowers 1.jpg
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    I enjoy doing this - one of the fun things about very wide lenses. Can be something as mundane as giant appearing grass blades with "whatever" in the background to exaggerated Nudes. You can also change proportions by tilting - I once slimmed a musician's hips for some promo shots that way.
  10. Exaggerated nudes? Umm...... if I was to be in the same room as a naked model my wife would kill me first then divorce me.:eek:
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    Back in the day - single then, my Jeanloup Sieff stage. His photos fueled purchase of my first real wide angle - Nikkor 24mm 2.8 (one of his favorites) I still have it.
    I suspect my wife would be far more creative! :eek:
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  12. I've loved th 16-35mm focal length for close wide perspectives. The difference between 14mm and 16mm is small and the versatility of having the 16-35mm is great.

  13. Bee on sunflower. Taken with a Pentax W80 weatherproof camera with 5mm (28mm 35mm equivalent) lens at f:4.5. The depth of field with these small sensor and short focal length lens cameras can be amazing. bee on sunflower s.jpg
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  14. This one was taken using a 14mm Rokinon lens mounted on my full-frame Canon 5D IV. The closest birdhouse is less than a meter away and the view is looking up a willow tree. The Rokinon 14mm f:2.8 is a decent lens for not much money. It is manual focus, which is not a problem for such a short focal length.
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