Ultra, ultra, rare Leitz infinite focal length Elmar!

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  1. This has not been photoshopped! This infinite focal length LTM Elmar is simply amazing in use. Need a wider lens? Just step back. Need a longer lens? Just step forward. Always works! Must have been a Monday morning hangover lens or a Friday afternoon get out of here one.
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  2. Well, hot diggity. This is way, way more useful than a zoom!
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  3. This one is also real
    Itorex Pan-Focus lens 50mm f/40

    It works; but as essentially a 'pin-hole' lens, focus is not crisp.​
  4. So, seriously now, how many Leitz lenses do you think got out of the factory like this one did without the focal length being marked?
  5. AJG


    Are you sure that Leitz had anything to do with this lens? There are "Elmars" in various gaudy colors all the time on eBay along with rebadged Russian lenses, but I would hope that nobody is actually fooled by them.
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  6. Yes, I'm sure it was one of the 84,000 produced in 1950. They just missed engraving the 9 on this one. It is mechanically and optically excellent and otherwise finished to the standards of my other 9 Leitz lenses dating from 1936 to 1959. Stuff happens.
  7. 9cm Elmars aren't fake for one.
  8. That's not infinite (the symbol for which is basically an 8 on it's side) looks more like zero focal length - just as awkward to make :)
  9. It's a virtual infinite;)
  10. Could it be a Roman 900mm lens?
  11. Only in the Marvel universe;-)
  12. Could have been a rush job for military.

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