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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by ted_stoddard, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. I want to eventually get into ULF Photography and i was wondering if
    there was a list of the many sizes of cameras and lenses that will
    work with each one? I know they range from 4x10,
    7x17,8x20,12x20,14x17 and so on and not to mention the sizes of 11x14
    to 16x20 and of course the massive 20x24.... I do all the way from
    35mm up to 8x10 now..... including 35mm panoramic with a F7
    Widelux.... I cant just do only one format although i been known to
    go over board and shoot all the formats i have just to see the many
    aspects of all formats i have available and i carry it all when i go
    on my adventures..... I not only collect cameras and related items i
    use it all and i spend as much time on the road and in the darkroom
    as i do sleeping which... i guess you can say im a photographic nut
    but really enjoy the many points of view in all the equipment i own
    and use.... I was wondering what would be the best ULF camera to get
    and what lenses should i buy? Hope all is well with everyone and
    happy shooting to everyone.... I do love wood cameras instead of
    metal..... Thanks Ted
  2. Ted...look at www.largeformatphotography.info and post your question their as well. They will have recent postins on ULF photography not found here. Good luck. JP Mose
  3. There's some relevant info here:

  4. Ted,

    My ULF experience started with a BHPC (a Big Honkin' Pinhole Camera made from the box my computer can in) that looked like a holstien hiefer.

    After what was possibly years, I lucked out on a very afforable 12x20 Folmer and Schwing with a holder and an iris lensboard to accept barrel lenses(on eBay.) I've since added a second holder and a Nikkor M 450 f/9 (and a bottle of bellows patch stuff from Equinox Photographic)

    I've also been toying with the idea of making another pinhole out of a wine barrel(I hope to get that barrel emptied soon---hic!)

    There has been no rhyme or reason to my ULF experience---its been completely a matter of whats available that I could afford at the time ---and I wouldn't want it any other way(ymmv)

    Have fun!
  5. In order to actually use an ULF camera with its ultra weight, you probably need a reason that is important to you. One of the best is that you want to make prints in a medium that requires contact printing.

    Re format: I suggest looking at the websites of the various merchants that offer ULF film and seeing which formats are available from most of them. You probably don't want to buy a camera for an oddball format and then find that film availability is intermittant, or even disappears.

    Some excellent advice given by an ULF photographer: make prints in the sizes that you are considering, at at least paper cutouts, and see which looks good to you.

    Before considering an unusual format like one with a high aspect ratio (panoramic), you might want to use your 4x5 or 8x10 camera in the same mode to see whether you actually like photographing that way -- put tape on your ground glass so that you are forced to view the world in the aspect ratio that you are considering.

    The G-Clarons and the 450 mm Nikkor-M are commonly available lenses that are reputed to have huge coverage for contact prints when stopped way down. The longest G-Claron is the 355 mm.
  6. Well I wanted to say thanks to everyone and i decided to do 11x14 and also 20x24 not all at the same time but I'm going to work with 11x14 too do Carbon Printing and also the 20x24 for Carbon Printing.... I already own a lens that will cover 11x14 and so once i get a good camera to go with it i be set not going to buy a huge amount of lenses maybe 1 or 2 for each camera and focus on using those cameras besides what i already use and im also considering 7x17 for panoramics maybe if infrared film can be special ordered for that size i will try too use infrared film in that size..... I am already in the process of looking into 11x14 macophot aura and non aura infrared film to shoot 11x14 format.... i am most likely going to have to do a huge order for that 11x14 size film if anyone else is interested in ordering some 11x14 film it maybe a good idea to get one big order of it from maco so it cuts the price down on everyone.... if anyone is interested please contact me.... thanks Ted

    I'm also going to build my own camera.... so wish me luck.... not sure what size is a ? if anyones has an idea let me know thanks Ted....

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