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  1. I have looked through the forum, and seen a few posts about students... but many are aimed at Americans. We are doing a lot of medium format work in the studio at uni with Mamiya RZ, I am interested in getting hold of my own medium format... but being a student I am incredibly low on money obviously, and even after a lot of research, they all seem quite expensive - is there anything I'm missing?
  2. Beth,
    I found a Yashica Mat LM TLR 6x6 camera for 5 Euros in a thrift store. Here are a few photos I took with it:
    Yashica Mat photo
    Yashica Mat photo 2
    There are tons of good and cheap medium format cameras out there. Look in thrift stores, search classifieds, ask friends and even people on the street. Many people have old cameras noone is using in their closets! Ebey and used camera shops will be more or much more expensive but with the advantage that you can just pick up a camera pretty much immediately and perhaps even have some warranty.
  3. Keep an eye open for a Mamiya C220 or C330. These are twin lens reflexes and are very simple, robust and reliable.
  4. This is a web-place I try and look in whenever I am after something. But one has to act really fast if there is something you are interested in. I have seen items 'sold' within hours of appearing on the list.

    Link: Aperture Photographic : Medium Format.
  5. ..and another place to check out constantly is the Jacobs shop on New Oxford St. in London They don't even bother to update their 'used list' because once again the list is out-dated hours after it gets updated. So this is a place to just phone-in or walk into as often as possible. Phone and address details from: their web-site here.
  6. Hi Beth
    I love the assumption that you are based in London....
    There are many ways to get a medium format camera on the cheap, as follows:
    1) Folders - I personally would not bother.
    2) Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Rocoh, Minolta, Yashica are cheap, Mamiya C series are fairly cheap, very heavy and have interchangeable lenses, Rolleicord are maybe more expensive but superb (I have a Rolleicord Vb), Rolleiflex are expensive. Bargains do exist, however.
    3) Single Lens Reflex (SLR). Look at 6 X 4.5 format - Bronica, Mamiya and maybe Pentax aren't too bad. 6 X 6, Bronica, Rolleiflex and Hasselblad (the latter 2 being pricey). 6 X7, Bronica, Mamiya, Pentax - all large and heavy (as you will know if you use Mamiya RZs).
    Look out in 2nd hand shops, charity shops, maybe even Ebay.
    Good luck.
  7. You can probably find an RZ or RB kit complete with body, WLF, back and lens for under US$1000. You know what an RZ will do, and it makes a fine studio or field camera (with tripod). An SLR with interchangeable lenses gives you room to grow.
    You can hand-hold an RZ, but what's the point? You could get better results with 35mm if you don't use a tripod.
  8. Beth, if you are familiar with the RZ, consider the lower priced RB series. Unlike the RZ, the RB series has a mechanical shutter rather than electronic. But, if you want to hand hold the camera more than occasionally, I think you would find the RB too heavy. There is also the Pentax 6x7 and 67 SLR models that usually come with an eye leve prism and a 105 mm f2.4 normal lens. They are heavy too, but often a bargain. If a square negative (6x6) is big enough, then the advice others have given about TLRs such as Yashicamat, etc. is good. The Mamiya C series (C, C2, C33, etc) represent a good value and the very last model, the C330, even takes interchangeable focusing screens. If 6x6 is too small, but you don't need interchangeable lenses look at the Fuji fixed lens 120 film rangefinders. The Fuji 690 and 670 series give 8 6x9 and 10 6x7 cm negatives respectively. Often sold at good prices, especially the older 690 series. Finally, the 645 series Mamiya and Pentax SLR's are also relatively inexpensive. You have lens interchangeability, but a smaller 4.5 x 6 cm format. Easily hand held when desired.
  9. david_henderson


    There is no shortage of used MF at pretty low prices in the UK. Aside from eBay, the major UK used dealers advertise extensively in the magazines that still have a high "film" content. The values, when compared to how much these cameras will have cost new , are quite extraordinary. Equally the prices when compared with Dslrs offering no better, and sometimes not as good image quality, are equally extraordinary. Irrespective of your personal circumstances MF cameras offer just about the least capital cost way of getting into top quality image making.
    The thing you have to take a chance on is reliability. Many of the MF cameras available used have had a hard life at some time in the past, and the cameras were designed in an era when people took their camera in for service from time to time. In short, buying a camera with a warranty or at least the opportunity to put a few films through and get them processed before committing might save you some hassle and money down the road. Personally I'd much rather buy a slr from one of the "big" manufacturers Hasselblad, Bronica, Pentax or Mamiya than an esoteric collector's camera because of their flexibility
  10. If you get a camera system like the Pentax 67, Hasselblad, Mamiya RB/RZ series, or one of the 645 systems, at least you can just buy piece-by-piece, which makes it easier on the pocketbook. I've also got a Yashica Mat 124G TLR which you can get for 'bout $200, and they are not heavy at all, but are limited to really just one lens, more or less.
  11. Last time I was home in the UK, I looked in antique shops and saw some interesting old cameras, mainly TLR'S. Might be an idea to ask if you could run a test roll through if you find something you like the look of.
  12. Beth, I'm a UK photography student and have bought second hand MF kit quite cheaply. Of course, it depends on what you think is cheap. I got an RB67 for £250 and later paid about the same for a Rollei TLR. If you can afford to pay that sort of price then I'd advise that you look at the online aution sites and in 2nd hand shops and photography shops. It may take a while but you'll find something eventually.
    There are options if you want to pay less, Lomography, Yashica TLRs etc
    If you're in London and interested in a mint Mamiya C220f body then PM me, I could let you have it quite cheap, us students have got to stick together!
  13. Hi Beth, I'm in London, I managed to get RB67proSD for about the £250 as well, which I admit was off Ebay. I had the beast (Camera) checked over by Sendean Camera's, who are based in St Annes court, which is just off Wardor street. These guys have quite a few old medium format camera's for sale, and they replaced the light seals and lubricated the mechanism for me, and it works really well. For all your medium format film needs, then check out Silverprint, which is just south of the river at Valentine place, and the Pro centre which is in Mallow Street, which is north of the river near the city of London. Good luck with your course! Richard

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