UK company invents new range of Nikon lenses.

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rodeo_joe|1, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. got to get that 50mm 'zoom' lens; I'll be the only kid on the block with one! cb :)
  2. I think the seller meant zooming with one's legs or motorized wheelchair.
  3. According with all this, (50/1.2 zoom ??? ) the seller has no clue of photographic or any optical equipment and prices as well. Ignore the seller.
  4. It's no good, for over a thousand I need another switch there to fiddle with
  5. 29.9% APR! Man, that is so generous!
  6. You could always get a payday loan with an APR of 2500%
  7. Argos, for the uninitiated, is a perfectly reputable shop, with a branch in most UK towns. But it's more the sort of place you'd go to buy a kettle than a camera. I'm actually surprised to see they sell anything other than cheap dSLR kits, if that.
  8. "29.9% APR! Man, that is so generous!" - It surely is Nick. Especially when savers are being offered only about 1% interest; and only then if they shop around the banks. There's something severely wrong with our fiscal system!
    Sorry, political rant now over - temporarily.
    BTW, before anyone else corrects it, I notice that I should have said "pre-Ai coupler prongs" above.
  9. To be fair, good marketing ploy. I had no idea that Argos actually stocked lenses (though I don't have high hopes for what's in the one next to my office - I've been known to use it for stuff like watches, lamps and bookshelves). I wonder whether they picked up the stock when the local Jessops closed down? This is hardly the first time Argos have been a little hazy on their product descriptions, but I'll take the fact that we can probably work out what they meant as a win over their usual situation.
  10. > I'd have total confidence buying from a company that's so scrupulous in its product descriptions. Wouldn't you?
    Besides, their pricing is not competitive. Notice these AI-s lenses are also available & much cheaper at Adorama, B&H, etc.
  11. Sem, I'd be laughing if it wasn't so painful. (To be fair, for some reason the two UK dealers I most often rely on don't seem to stock the 50 f/1.2 AI-S.) Though I admit that even UK dealers will do what is presumably supposed to be the 105mm VR micro (despite the photo) for a lot less, though Gray's copy of the manual-focus 105mm is pretty pricey, probably because there aren't many new ones any more. Argos are a general department store - I'd be very surprised if they were competitive on exotic optics. I've not seen many places charge more than Gray's, who I always felt charged you for the experience (I'm not complaining); for some reason, standing in an Argos isn't quite the same as being surrounded by historical glass, and the fish-eye that's staring at you tends to be a security camera.
  12. I didn't even realise Argos sold such stuff. The last thing I bought from there was a hair trimmer. The previous purchase was an electric toothbrush.

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