Typically French.

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  2. French Bulldog
    0025a Perro Buldog Francés Cajas Madera Esperando Atado-W-NikkorC35.jpg W-Nikkor.C 35 on Fuji X-P1
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  3. Haute-Louisiane - Pays des Illinois (now Missouri)
    Ste. Genevieve 1735
    Bolduc House
    French Colonial style, though built 1788
  4. F1120008_g5.1ClBCWGBCoRma42.JPG
    Kiev IIa, Jupiter-3 50/1,5 (1962)
  5. Grands Magus Paris Métro station April 1977
  6. [​IMG]
    Canon Powershot G11
  7. Montmartre.jpg
    Montmartre, France
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  8. Dassault Mirage
  9. On a better day Notre Dame.jpg
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