Types of lens mount for Nikon cameras

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  1. Dear all,

    I am planning to switch to Nikon in the very near future, but I heard
    that through history, Nikon had developed different types of lens
    mount. Could any one give me a slight introduction on the type of
    mount for Nikon SLRs?

    The camera I am planning to buy is a F80, or N80 as they sold it in
    US. What types of lens could it use?

    Thomson Chan
  2. The short answer: ANY autofocus lens in Nikon mount.

    To repeat, all NIkon AF lenses and Nikon mount autofocus lenses made by third parties like Sigma, Tamron, Tokina etc are all OK in terms of working on an F80 body.

    There are a few exceptions but don't worry about them to start with. A couple of lenses do have a computer chip inside to enable them to work with the F80. Also you can mount most manual lenses on the camera, but the metering will not work as Nikon have left off the connections required.

    Just stick to autofocus lenses, older or newer, and you will be fine.

    Regards, Ross
  3. Unlike Canon & Leica , Nikon has never had to switch lens mounts: there is only the
    Nikon F
    mount. now there are a variety of ways Nikon has had over the years to connect the
    lens to the metering system . For the camera you are looking at you'll wnt any
    version of a Nikkor AF lens (AF, AF-D, AF-S) or the new G-type F-mount lenses. oler
    AI and AI-S lenses can be used on the N80 but you'll have no metering or automation.
  4. And the even older pre-AI lenses (the original lenses released by Nikon with the F mount in 1959, all the way until 1977 when AI was introduced) SHOULD NOT be mounted on current AF cameras such as the F80 with the risks of damaging the meter coupling. So be careful.

    But any AF lens will do just fine, as well as any MF lens produced after 1977.

    (You can also go for so called "AI'd" lenses, which are older lenses, pre-1977, which have been converted to AI mount)
  5. No to non AI, AI, AIS. Yes to AF but no 3D matrix metering, Yes to AF D, AF S and G all functions or change mind go to canon EOS : )
  6. Several pieces of misinformation presented above needs to be corrected:<p>

    1. Not all AF Nikon lenses are usable on the F80/N80. There are two early, semi-experimental ones that could not: 80mm f/2.8 AF and 200mm f/4 AF. But relatively few of those two lenses were sold, and most of those are in collector possession.<p>
    2. Non-AI, AI, and AI-s lenses are all usable on the N80, although there is no metering availble with those.<p>
  7. Just to add to Chuck's response, the F80/N80 use electrical connections to communicate with the lens. These bodies have no mechanical meter coupling so there is nothing to be damaged by mounting one of these older lenses. Since these older lenses have no electrical connections, there is also no way for the camera and lens to communicate. My cousin routinely mounts his old non-AI 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor-S onto his F80, and nothing gets damaged.

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