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  1. Canon divides their camera's into a type A or a Type B. Can anyone tell me
    where to find a list of what camera is what type.


  2. Steve,

    Type A vs. type B?

    Actually, I've never heared of that.

    You can divide Canons cameras in FD vs. EF mount, and analog vs. digital, and (with the digital EOSs) EF only vs. EF and EF-S.

  3. Jeremy Stein

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  4. Rainer:

    On page 2 of the MT-24EX instruction manual "This instruction booklet has separate sections for Type-A and Type-B EOS camers"

    So I am looking for a list to tell me which camera falls in which group.
  5. Thanks Jeremy. That is what I was looking for

  6. All E-TTL or E-TTL II capable bodies are Type A. Bodies limited to TTL/A-TTL
    are type B.

    I think Canon has since given up on said terminology, probably because all EOS bodies have
    been Type A for many years. It's unfortunate terminology. Type A/B terminology has gone the
    way of the Creative Zone,
    Basic Zone and Command Dial. I think the last type B body in production was the EOS 5/A2E/
    A2, and it was
    discontinued 6 years ago. The first Type A body was the Elan IIE, circa 1995.
  7. See this page: http://photonotes.org/articles/eos-flash/#aandb

  8. Niothing to do with FD lenses or stuff like that. It is, as Ketil & Steve say all about compatibility with Canon Speedlite Flashguns:
    Canon divides its EOS cameras into 3 main groups according to flash compatibity with Speedlites for A-TTL metering.
    In essence:
    TYPE B: The EOS film cameras used light reflected from the film during exposure for the flash A-TTL metering. These are called TYPE B and can be used with EZ flashguns in A-TTL mode and EX flashguns in TTL.
    TYPE A: These digital and film EOS cameras have two sets of sensors and can be used in E-TTL mode with EX or A-TTL with EZ speedlights.
    TYPPE AII: is a sub group of A and only has sensors in the viewfinder area. These cameras are: EOS 30V, 33V, 300X, 1D Mark II, 1D Mark II N, 1D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III, 5D, 5D Mark II, 20D, 20Da, 30D, 40D, 50D, 350D, 400D, 450D and 1000D. You get E-TTL metereing with EX flashguns.
    So that's it, it is all about whether you get A-TTL on EZ flashguns and E-TTL on EX flashguns. Put simply, you cannot measure light reflected off the photographic film is the camera does not have film.

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