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Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by Henricvs, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. I just got these two products from this French photographer out of Lancaster PA. His name is Benoît Barbé. The 4x5 tank insert works in a Paterson System 4, three reel tank. I took a chance on the little rotary gizmo, mostly because I thought it was clever and I am curious about rotary film processing. I previously used tray developing and when not convenient BTZS tubes. I know there are a variety of methods to develop 4x5 negatives, but I like the fact that I could do six negatives in my regular tank and in daylight. He also has a 5x7 tank. I have to say these are really nice products for being home made. I especially like the tank design. It is so easy to load in the dark. I have yet to use the little motor, but I'll report back when I do. Here are the links to his page and youtube videos.

    4x5 Tank Video
    Rotary Processor


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