Two EOS 620 questions

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by royall_berndt, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. First, the easy one. I have a good lens for this camera which has IS. Is the On position for this feature the straight line or the circle?

    Second, the camera body has a small dial near the battery compartment. It has a red line above it. See picture attached . What is it?

    View attachment 20210611_150433.jpg
  2. Second question - there were a number of different hand grips for these. The GR30 was plain, the GR20 had a socket for a remote release cable. I think you have the more desirable GR20 and are seeing the cover for this.

  3. Was the cable release mechanical or electrical?
  4. It's electrical, you will see the contacts under the cap. You need a Canon Remote Switch 60 T3, it's the same as on the T90 and T70. Later EOS cameras used a different connector, like a small audio jack.

    I can't help with your first question. You should be able to see the anti shake working in the finder though.
  5. Just in case, you haven't figured out, and for others coming along-

    Here is relevant page from the manual for the Canon EF 75-300mm f-4-5.6 IS USM- (the first of its kind)
    75-300 IS operation switch.jpg

    It wasn't all that obvious, after all, and on later IS lenses, Canon labelled them "ON" and "OFF"
  6. Thanks much. I had guessed the opposite!
  7. I confess that I guessed wrong too, and I had used the thing for years.

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