Twin Towers

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  2. Carmel Mission. The star in the center is not quite symmetrical so painters must make a decision. Paint it as is and risk looking like they can't paint a symmetrical object or stay true what they see in front of them.
    Carmel Mission 08-1 (24).jpg
  3. Serranos Towers (Valencia) 1392-1398. Considered to be the largest Gothic city gateway in all of Europe.
    0061a Palmera-TorresGemelas-TorresdeSerranos-Año1392-NAI24.jpg Nikkor AI 24 on D700
  4. DSC_4252.JPG

    Sorry for two pictures in the same thread, but hopefully all will forgive me for this once.
    I thought others might post some of what it used to look like.
  5. Minoritenkirche, Munich, Germany
    Epson R-D1, Nikkor-H.C 50/2 LTM (1953)

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