Tutorials using Speedlite 430ex

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by doug_moye, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. I just bought this flash for my Canon XTi

    Any suggestions for tutorials.

    I am new at this.
  2. Don't know tutorials, but I can tell you a couple of points. In P mode, the camera will usually choose 1/60 at the maximum aperture of the lens, and the flash intensity will be adjusted for the nominal exposure. This is usually OK, but may not be fast enough shutter speed or give you as much DOF as you might like. Also, if you compensate exposure on the camera, this will not work with flash pictures. To do that, you have to use Flash Exposure Compensation, which you can do from the camera menu or on the flash.

    If you set the camera on M mode, select, say, 1/100 at f5.6 or f8, the flash will give the nominal exposure, and you can adjust using FEC for special situations (example, dark background, set FEC down a stop or two).
  3. Read the EOS flash bible. Yes, it's big. Yes, there's a lot of detail in there. Yes, some sections of it don't apply to your camera or your flash or how you intend to use it, so skip those sections, at least for now (but bookmark it and review it every now and then, as you'll add to the bits of it you've learned). But there's a lot of information there on how the EOS flash system works, and unfortunately, much of it is stuff that either isn't in Canon's manuals at all or isn't covered in sufficient depth by the manuals (which, for instance, leads to the neverending repetition of people posting questions like this one - it's in at least many of Canon's manuals, but usually not worded very clearly).
  4. Canon has many flash tutorials onsite including one on ETTL. I'd check there first as they're simple and direct.
  5. Try this.


    Blue Crane Digital 580/430 tutorial CD video. Very imformative. Covers both flashes and the SST-E2.
  6. Bob has it right! Good DVD, Good shooting, Bill
  7. The only answer I can think of is reading Nadine Ohara's postings. She's the flash master/guru in photo.net. I've
    learned a lot just by reading her postings.
  8. check out the strobist group on Flickr. Fun stuff!

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