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  1. A tunnel eater
  2. Tunnel safety
    Un tunnel est une galerie souterraine livrant passage à une voie de communication
  3. ???
  4. This appears to be a definition, in French, of the word “tunnel.” As a matter of fact this very definition appears at the beginning of the French Wikipedia article on “tunnel.”

    The translation from French to English is: “A tunnel is an underground gallery delivering a passage of communication.”

    Now, to me, this is an odd translation, especially the “communication” part. But it’s an interesting take on the word from the standpoint of abstract photography. Abstracts communicate in non-literal ways, so a tunnel is, literally, a passage, and an abstract tunnel photo is a passage in the sense any tunnel is a passage and a passage of communication in the sense abstracts communicate.

    But, I really have no idea why a definition, and this definition in particular, was supplied. A very ... abstract ... move on the poster’s part! It does sound good in French, though, n’est-ce pas?
  5. Gary, I realized as soon as posted this image on the "Tunnel" NW thread that I was stretching it. Every other image posted on that thread is primarily representational. My thinking at the time was substantially the same as yours. Thanks for your remarks.
  6. I’d say about 50-75% of the photos posted to this entire forum are representational and not abstract. Some have elements of abstraction which might explain their appearance here and would seem to fit. But many are simply representational photos which have no tie to abstract photography and some are representational to which a gimmicky filter has been applied which doesn’t turn a representational photo into an abstract when you can still recognize the subject or scene. The abstract forum is still a lot of fun but a bit of a puzzlement.
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  7. Gary, since I don't moderate the Abstract forum, I haven't informed participants that their images really don't belong there.
  8. Having thought abut this further, Gary, I'm going to post a note under "Abstract" in the Practice and Technique area.

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