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  1. Murky information on if these two companies are related. Is one brand demonstrably superior to the other? Any personal experience? They make several Nikon Z mount lenses in the $100 range. How hard are they to focus on a Z mount or 4/3 mount camera? Samples would be appreciated.
  2. Separate companies, though their glass may be ground by the same supplier?

    As to focussing, same as any other manual lens.

    I like mine.

    For samples, see my posts in 'Mirrorless Monday', particularly 2020, a lot from the 7Artisans 35mm f1.2 (Fuji mount) in there...
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  3. They're more expensive than vintage SLR lenses so what's the point really. There are other reasons why I won't touch them.
  4. I recently bought a TT Artisan 50mm f1.4 to use with my Leica M6. I like the lens and the photo qualities are awesome. No clue if the photo quality would be satisfactory with a sensor camera. This one has a focusing tab and focus tension is perfect for my use. It has click stops that are solid and normal in 1/2 stop increments. The lens cap is a push on type which is new to me but it works perfectly. Threaded front for 49mm filters. I have no experience with the 7 Artisan but they are different companies probably from the same factory. The box says Shenzhen China.
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  5. We’ll all be buying Chinese lenses soon. I suspect Leica in particular will be fretting over all the good Chinese lenses that do what a Noctilux does 95% of the time for a tenth of the cost.
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  6. AJG


    In a way, this is a replay of the early stages of the Japanese camera industry. Initially, many people assumed that either a camera or lens came from Germany or it couldn't be any good. We all know better now (or we should) but the market for Leica equipment is a bit like that for Ferraris, and for some the name on the lens is at least as important as the actual quality of the image it produces. Those of us who aren't billionaires are fortunate that the Chinese optical industry is coming on line.
  7. " Those of us who aren't billionaires are fortunate that the Chinese optical industry is coming on line... Robin

    There's a thought to mull over. .

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