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  1. This is Subbarayan Prasanna trying to make a comeback to I have been in poor health for sometime with Arrhythmia of the heart, Poly Myalgia Rheumatica, etc. I am trying to get better. Have been browsing this Forum regularly. Have not started making pictures yet. Hope to do so soon. Today I tried my old scanner to see if I can still get the routine right. So I searched some older negatives and tried them out on basics. These were made in different parts of the city. I don't recall ever posting them on the Forum.
    So here I am posting a few random pics by way of saying Hello! My eyesight is not very good, blurred due to medication. So please excuse me if the scans are poor. All the pictures were taken with a Praktica Nova 1b with a Domiplan lens. scan0003.jpg scan0002.jpg scan0001.jpg scan0002.jpg Thank you for your patience. Hope to be with new pictures soon. Regards, greetings! SP.
  2. Scans look good, Subbarayan. Glad to have you back. Looking forward to seeing your new images.
    Best regards
  3. Welcome back from a new (or at least newly active) member, Subbarayan,

    I enjoyed seeing your scanned photos. I do wish you well in dealing with your health issues and I look forward to seeing any new photos. Posting these photos is a wonderful way of making your comeback to I just want to add that there are also other ways in which you can re-engage with For example by sharing your experience with beginners like me :).

    My best wishes,

  4. Best wishes to you, Subbarayan. I made a recent comeback (of sorts) myself recently. Glad to hear you are doing better.
  5. bravo!
  6. Hey SP!!

    So pleased to hear from you!! Great way to shout out to the world by posting new stuff. Loved the gritty street shots; tight, bristling with life and look good.

    I guess getting back to it implies mixing your own soup?? How'S your access to film and chemicals there? Tell me too what you shot these with and what dou use.. I seem to remember a FSU Fed1 and maybe an Exacta? I remember also that you did some shutter work for RickD . But IIRC your cameras were things that came your way ..basically what other'S might call lost cause/basket case ...and you made shooters out of them with household items like black shoe polish. Please do share your gear too!!

    Back in the Saddle Again!! Yee Haa
  7. Welcome back SP! I hope that your health improves quickly! Your documents of the city are always fascinating.
  8. SP!!! Glad to see you posting again! I've missed your posts! Praying for good health for you!
  9. Great to see you back, SP ! I'd been wondering if health issues had been keeping you away, and it's great to see you making a return. Long may it last!
  10. Welcome back and here’s to your continued recovery.
    Looking forward to more posts from you.
  11. What everyone else said, SP.
  12. Interesting street photos. What city?

    Kent in SD
  13. Cool shots.

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