Truth, lies, and BS

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  1. Thanks for that story, Phil.

    I feel lucky in that I don't have to decide which is the true Marilyn. Every side I can imagine or see of Marilyn has truth and fiction as does every picture. If I'm expecting the truth of the woman as actress or star, an unposed shot of her probably won't capture that. If I'm expecting the truth of the woman behind the persona, a glamour shot likely won't capture that. If, on the other hand, I keep in mind that people are multi-faceted and so is life, I will not look for singular or unchanging truths.

    When I photograph, I'm not searching for a true essence. I'm searching for a vision or story that will reveal something of note.
  2. Yes. Same thing I'm saying.

    As for an authentic self. I don't think people get to decide what their authentic self is. At least I don't feel as if I do. I think our authentic self is much bigger than us and much bigger than anything we can decide for ourselves.

    As with many tragic actresses and, like Judy Garland, I look at the more poignant portraits of each and see women who were failed by a system predominantly dictated by abusive men. That very system and those very men, both in public and in private, helped determine the authentic Marilyn.
  3. Winter Field
    by Ellen Bryant Voigt

    The winter field is not
    the field of summer lost in snow: it is
    another thing, a different thing.

    [ ... ]​
  4. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    couldn't MM have just acted the part?
  5. I don't believe she was acting at that moment either, at least any more than we all act all the time to a certain extent. And, with a professional actress, I'm not sure one ever really turns it completely off. As you say, she was not acting as she had been before, and that's likely the case. Still, though, I think when an actress is not acting, she can still be referred to as an actress and her authentic self has still been determined in part by her being an actress, even if she's not acting at the time. I think I should probably refer to her as an actor, as seems to be the way these days. I'm still getting used to that but I understand what's behind it and it's probably a good practice to get into.

    YES! That Avedon said "she was not saying no" is very telling.

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