Trouble with Sony DSC W1 (long rant)

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by chad_hahn, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. In December I bought a Sony DSC W1 Digital camera. The camera worked
    fine until last week when I was on vacation in Washington (isn?t
    always the case?) Then the camera wouldn?t focus and the lens
    wouldn?t retract back into the camera.

    The next day it seemed to work fine although when I got home and
    looked at the pictures on the computer a lot of them seemed to be out
    of focus although the light was good and the camera showed that it had
    something in focus when I took a picture.

    I enquired into getting the camera repaired under warranty by Sony and
    they told me to box up the camera and mail it off with my receipt.
    Therein lies the problem. You see, I lost the receipt. I looked up
    and down for it previously because the same time I bought the camera I
    bought a Hoover vacuum. I also had a problem with the vacuum and had
    to get warranty work done on it.

    Hoover was able to look at the serial number and the manufacturing
    date and determine that the vacuum was made in December of 2004 and
    obviously not over a year old. Even though I told them that I bought
    the machine on the 31st of December they still put down the purchase
    date as February.

    When I bought the camera I came home and registered it online. I
    hoped that perhaps this or the fact that I bought the camera a week
    after Christmas at Target where it probably wasn?t sitting on the
    shelf very long would allow them to look up the manufacturing date.

    When I asked about the registration I was informed that registering
    the camera online is for registering the camera online. When I asked
    ok I registered the camera online now what the reply was, ?You get a
    coupon!? I thanked the person for their time and hung up.

    I know that the warranty says that you need the receipt and I normally
    keep them. But you would think that there would be other ways for
    Sony to determine the age of the camera and how long I?ve owned it.
    As it is, although I?ve been a faithful customer since before the
    first Walkman, which I owned, I doubt I?ll be buying anything else
    from the company.

    Chad Hahn
  2. A suggestion: If you bought it using a credit card, then credit card receipts might convince them. Check with Target, they might be able to regenerate a receipt
    or try speaking to a manager and explain the problem...

    Good Luck,
  3. Since you know the date of purchase go back to Target and get them to generate a copy of the receipt.

    I had the same problem with a Sony item I bought from the Good Guys. They were able to quickly generate a copy of the receipt which satisfied Sony.
  4. I tried going to Target they said that they couldn't find a receipt just by a credit card. Of course I was at the store talking to a 19 yo girl who probably couldn't care less either way. Monday I'll try and talk to somebody a little higher up at Targert.

  5. Don't know anything about consumer law in the USA, but here in the UK when you buy something, your contract is with the seller or retailer NOT the manufacturer. Its up to the guy you bought it off to sort it out. This means you don't have to run round like an idiot trying to get a massive worldwide corporation to take any notice of you. As I say, things may be different in the USA...............
  6. Things are really different in the US. A lot of places want you to deal with the manufacturer if the box has been opened.

    In fact, the Sony box says that if you have problems not to take the camera back to the store.

    I wonder if things are the same in Canada? I'll bring the camera to a Target there!


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