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  1. Hi, so I'm new to Canons L series and I've just rented one out of necessity because another lens of mine is being fixed. I'm using the 24mm f1.4 II on my 7D. My problem is that I have it stopped wide open and my images are turning out really dark. The only time I can really see anything is when I bump the ISO pretty high. I'm used to using lenses with a wide aperture, my other two being a 1.4 and a 1.8, and I've never had this issue. Any ideas?
  2. Without seeing an example, it would be rather difficult to say.
  3. Hmm. I'm still fooling with it. I have plenty of light as well but
    even wide open it's coming up dark. I can't post anything
    now since I don't have the means to at the moment. What
    are some ideas just so I can just try some things.
  4. Wait for a bright, sunny day. Go out at noon. Set your ISO to 100, your shutter speed to 1/400 sec, and your aperture to f/8. Take a picture. It should be exposed approximately correctly.
    Do your pictures just appear really dark on the LCD screen on the back of the camera, even though they appear normal on the computer? If so, your LCD brightness might be turned down. Somewhere in your menu system is the means to turn it back up.
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    I can't post anything now since I don't have the means to at the moment.​
    All you have to do is upload to your computer from your camera and then you can post. It's really quite simple.
  6. Have you checked the exposure compensation on your camera? What are the shutter speed, aperture, and lighting conditions?
  7. It's definitely not the LCD. I made sure of that and even with
    it turned all the way down, it's still appeared lighter than the
    images I've taken. I'll just have to wait till the morning to get
    it out into some day light to fool with it. I've basically done
    everything that I could think of. I can plug my 50mm 1.4 in
    and i can manipulate it just fine in my current light, but
    there's just something with this lens I'm not getting.
  8. @ Jeff - I'm aware of how to upload pictures, but I don't
    have a computer available right this moment. I'm posting
    from an iPhone trying to figure this out.
  9. yes, it should do fairly well even with indoor light. you sure your exposure setting is normal? how high is your iso and what are you using, Manual? Try it in Ae or P [program] to see if you have similar problems. Try it in auto-ISO to see what happens also. you must be in a fairly dark room. Even then, with that lens you shouldn't be with this problem.
  10. Just a sanity check... on some canon cameras it is easy to accidentally move the exposure mode dial from auto-something to manual then wonder why the shots look terrible. Mode dial set correctly?
  11. jpk


    Are you sure this lens is OK?
    Set aperture to 2, take your camera as if you wanted to take self-portrait and press the DOF check button. If the lens works OK you should see moving aperture blades.
  12. I've been a photographer for many years now, and never have I had a problem like this. As I tried various settings throughout the night it seemed to have gotten better. I feel like it may have something to do with the lens itself and the connection it has when hooked up. I disconnected it when I was having the major issues and reconnected it and it seemed to have gotten better. So I might have to report it to the place I rented it from or maybe I wont to refrain from looking like an idiot.
  13. Simply connect another lens and if it works normal, then problem is with the rental lens.
  14. Report to the rental company. If the next person who rents it has the same problem , they may blame you!
    I had a lens that had the blades stuck in the close position. Can you see inside the lens? Does it look dimmer than normal in the viewfinder?
  15. You should take it back to wherever you rented the lens from, and tell them about it. I doubt anything's wrong with this lens, though. Is the lens cap still on it when you're shooting?

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