Tripods & Heads- Upgrading

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  1. The geared heads i know all have a release that allows rapid setting. Not always very comfortable. But it works.
  2. To be honest, I've never known someone who has used the A-S system who hasn't taken a liking to it. It's one of those things that was well thought out and right from the start.

    Some of the Manfrotto QRs are massive things that I wouldn't want to leave attached to the camera longer than necessary. A fitted Kirk or RRS plate(I have both, although like RRS a bit better) does not really affect how I handle the camera, so like you I have them on all of my regularly used cameras. Even the generic plates I have are fairly slim and unobtrusive.

    I tend toward screw clamps because I have a bit of a mix of plates. Of course, on my main head- the B1-I don't think I have an option. For fitted plates, I still sometimes hop between Kirk and RRS since one will sometimes make one for an application that the other doesn't. IIRC, their dimensions are a BIT different-nothing that the screw clamp can't handle, but enough that I think a lever would be annoying for secure coupling. I haven't looked to see if RRS does the long lens feet, but the Kirk ones were a life-changer for me when I first tried them. I have never seen a more secure tripod-lens mounting than using those.
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    My Manfrotto 405 head does allow you to adjust gross positioning for pan/tilt but it isn't a particularly smooth movement. It isn't at all like loosening a pan lock on a 3 way head and moving the camera from side to side. For its intended purpose (rough positioning) it works fine, but this is really a specialized studio head, not a general purpose tripod head. If you're not doing studio product work I wouldn't recommend it, but if you are it is a functional and time saving piece of equipment.

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