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  1. I know yet another one right ? My apologies from the start.
    I have a nikon D 90 which I use with a few lenses, nothing too fancy, given I am still new to the art. I am looking to spend 6-800 $ at the most for a tipod and head something I can lug around (Im not too weak but I am no hulk!) if I go hiking (better that than have a heavy one I leave at home I reckon!) and if anyone knows a place to get them from thats even better !
    Thanks in advance
    Warm Regards
  2. I love my Feisol CT3441S
    Light, stable and less than a Gitzo equivalent. That said, if you really have $ 6-800 for a tripod, go ahead and get the Gitzo Traveller. You won't need another tripod for many years.
  3. Sirui N2204 CF legset, Acratech GP-s ballhead, RRS L-plate Light, packs small, sturdy, convenient, and versatile. Getting the L plate will put you a hair over your budget. If that's a problem, just get a standard RRS QR plate for now.
  4. if this is your first tripod, I would go out in the market and buy a cheap set of legs and head to start. Use that as your preliminary test as to see what your preference is like. like, how tall or short your tripod legs are when being used. Do you like pan heads better or ballheads? how heavy is too heavy?
    but if time is sensitive and with $800 bucks to spend, go with a gitzo, giotto, induro. all these brands have positives and negatives so much so that would require you to research. has a very effective search option for tripod selections. eg. height, weight, load. etc.
    button line is that only you will know whats best for yourself, and the only way to know to by experimenting. second i would suggest to go to the store and feel the tripod out.

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