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  1. Hi Guys,

    I’ve got a question for you. I know this isn’t a tripod forum or sub forum but I suppose because of the type of cameras that this sub forum represents this is probably the best place to ask.

    I’m meeting someone on Wednesday to look at a secondhand Gitzo GT4552ts and maybe buy it. What do you suggest I check when I inspect it? Any problems associated with this tripod? Anything I should look out for etc.?

    Also, do you guys have any experience with this model? Any words against it? I would be using it with my SWA and also my Bronica SQAI. The reason I thought this tripod would work is because although its strong, it folds small and it’s not too heavy all things considered. I’m 5’10” so I think with a head, it’ll be a decent height for me. It also comes with a center column.

    Also, the gent is asking for USD 510. If it’s in good shape, do we think this is a good deal? I know I often ask this last question but in this case there aren’t any sold items to check on eBay so I have no idea.
  2. Thats 40-plenty% of a new one?
    I wouldn't know what could be bad about such an offer, since I assume we are talking about a not worn out and still highly desirable tripod. I'm no Gitzo user, so no clue how to check what. If you think it fits your needs: Buy it! I'm tall and due to that torn & reluctant.
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  3. If I'm not wrong, this a series 4 tripod. So this is a fairly strong tripod.
    Do you really need it? If I'm not wrong, yours are medium format ("compact") cameras. For lightweight use, I`d take a series 3 at much (most times I use a series 2).
    The benefit of having a good lightweight (&expensive) carbon fiber tripod is lost by carrying an "oversized" one.
    I don`t find the reason for this tripod... maybe for nature photography with extremely long lenses...
    Yes, it folds small (5 section!), which means it`s a pain to fold/unfold. A four section tripod this size is still perfectly compact.
    Can't say about the price, Gitzo tripods are insanely expensive nowadays. Yes they are good, but also highly overpriced, I think.
    For sure this is a great tripod, but I wonder if it is the one that suit your needs. I'd think it twice.
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  4. Are the 2s and 3s that much lighter?
    I figured a stronger tripod would also be more stable etc etc but a stronger tripod is usually a bog tripod that you're not going to want to carry around all the time. Im not sure.
  5. Yes, thinner tubes are lighter.
    I like CF tripods because they are so rigid but light, so the best choice for backpacking.
    For studio use, I’d say the heaviest the better, here you can have a heavy one, it doesnt matter if CF or aluminum.
    Excuse me, I cannot check here the weight of the one you mention, but I think it must be around 2.5kg. I think my series 2 should be around 1.5kg at much.
    Series 3 tripods seem to me the wise choice for medium format, they feel quite strong (specially the ones without center column - systematic?- ). A series 2 feels very lightweight in comparison, but I use to take it when I need to shave weight, even with a (lightweight) LF camera.
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