tripod head trauma

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by ben_calwell, May 16, 2003.

  1. I know this isn't related strictly to LF, but I need help with a
    tripod-related issue. I just purchased a new Bogen 3021 tripod for my
    Wista, but I'm having trouble installing my old 3029 head on it. I
    removed the old head -- plate and all -- from the center post of my
    old 3001 legset, but I can't get the head off the old plate. I
    unscrewed the three set screws, but I can't unscrew the head from the
    main center screw on the old plate. It won't budge. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your advice.
  2. Tap on it with a small hammer, metal on metal, in the counter-clockwise direction. The vibration may loosen it.
  3. Try a little WD 40 and let it set. It also might be a matter of putting equal
    tension on the whole circumference... try a pipe wrench but go easy!
  4. one of those rubber strip with a plastic handle oil filter/bottle lid removers might do the trick of it will wrap around the edge of the plate?
  5. I've had the same problem with a Bogen also,.... WD40 will do
    the trick .
  6. it sounds like it was seated without any grease, which caused some gauling upon the final assembly.( the parts were probably not to come apart). wd 40 working for another could point to this.. it will help alot if that is the problem.. you can also try rapping it firmly with a plastic mallet around the circumference of the outer ring, jarring the crud cementing the two together.. .. the traditional way of lossening such objects in steel is to heat the outside with flame. you could cool the whole object in the refer if it will fit then heat the outside rapidly (after setting with wd 40 overnight).. not considered extreem if done properly becouse it would allow less damage to the parts if done right. it is probably heat treated aluminum so do not use much heat at all, maybe a candle, aluminum will transfer the heat quickly so you will want to unscew it at just the right time... go easy dont ruin a good tripod.. . good luck.. dave.
  7. Another variation.

    After WD40 treatment heat the whole caboodle over the gas stove. Use the hot air not the flame. When it's got to the point where you need a towel to hold it plunge the part of it into pre filled ice cold water. Best if you can cool the smaller part. This should cause contraction between the parts. You won't have much time but pretty quickly now apply the above mentioned hammer techniques.

    Hate to say this but if all else fails you may need to resort to drilling out the screw. Quite harmless but as you have asked this question may I recomend a mechanic or such.

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