Tripod Head To Quick Release Thread Adapter?

Discussion in 'Nature' started by jimvanson, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. I need a tripod head thread adapter.

    I want to go from a 3/8 inch diameter thread male on a Linhof ball head plate to
    a 1/4 inch diameter female on a Pentax quick release plate.

    I could also remove the ball head plate and use use a stud adapter 3\8 inch male
    on one end & 1/4 male on the other end.

    So I'm looking for an adapter :(

    Does anyone have one or know where to get one would they? I've started looking
    around town & I have only been able to find a really tiny cheap alloy one that
    will strip as soon as you look at it or a really heavy steel plate device 2 in.
    dia. x 1 in. thick.

    Thanks In Advance!
  2. Buy a 3/8" tap and matching drill and modify the plate. Then you can use a standard 3/8 -1/4 reducer bushing to return it to stock.
  3. Come off it, the drilling advice: there are adapter bushings 1/2 to 3/4 inch, in the
    microphone stand business, at camera stores; from RRS and Kirk. very standard 50 cent
  4. If I read this correctly, you wish to piggyback a Linhoff QR plate to a Pentax plate already on the camera. Presumably the Pentax plate has a threaded, 1/4-20 hole and the Linhof plate has a 3/8-16 attaching screw.

    [There may be semantic issues with the OP. Remember, heads have CLAMPS or PLATFORMS, cameras have PLATES or simply threaded holes. That's how we distinguish fixed from removable components of an attachment system.]

    Gitzo makes a stud which is 3/8-16 at one end (the long end) and 1/4-20 at the other. It is used to attach an head to the top of the column or plate. I believe it is chrome-plated brass. Frankly, I can't see how this helps you. You need a screw with a 3/8 body necked down to 1/4-20 flat enough so that the Linhof plate will fit on the Linhof head. I know of no such adapter, although it would not be hard to make one on a lathe.

    On the other hand, if the Pentax plate can be removed from the camera it would be a simple task to drill and tap it to a larger size, to fit the Linhof screw.

    If the Pentax plate cannot be removed, then the best approach is to buy an Arca-style clamp for the Linhof ball head and an Arca-plate (with an 1/4-20 screw) for the Pentax. Both are available from Really Right Stuff.
  5. Bogen has a hockey puck shaped adapter.

    Bogen / Manfrotto 3054 3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20 Converter Plate

    $15 at B&H

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