Tripod/head for Custom Bracketed Camera

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by bdp, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. bdp


    I saw an earlier thread about what tripod/head combo, but I didn't
    see any specifically asking about what type of head (mainly) and
    tripod, would you recommend if someone is using a Custom Bracket
    frame for the camera? Preferably under $400
  2. Lots of combos will work for most of us. Here is what I do with a Custom Bracket & DSLR for weddings.
    I attached a AS type foot to the bracket & this clamps onto a AS head or Acratech mounted on top of a Gitzo 1227.
    I look for simplicity & quick set ups for wedding & location work.
  3. You probably aren't getting much of a response because this is a personal thing. I have a ball head--medium quality Giottos that I used to use with my medium format gear, outfitted with a Really Right Stuff clamp. Medium quality (along with the tripod) so if it is stolen, I won't be out huge sums. With a Custom Bracket, I would think any good quality, stable ball head or pan head would be fine--your choice. I like the ball head, but get one with a tension adjustment so the equipment doesn't flop suddenly. This shouldn't be such a problem with the Custom Bracket because you don't have to flop the camera for verticals. Search on and you'll soon have the names of the "best" ball heads (or pan heads) and go from there. The best, of course is trying your gear out in person on the head and tripod. If you can't do this, buy from a place you can where you can return.

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