Tripod for Mamiya RZ 67

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  1. Hello All,

    I was wondering if anyone might have thoughts on a good tripod/head to use
    with a Mamiya RZ 67. With the big lenese I have the maximun weight would be no
    more than 14 lbs. The camera is primarily used for landscape photography at
    shutter speeds anywhere from 1/2 to 1/60 of a second. I would also like the
    tripod to incorporate a reliable spirit level as well. I use the double,
    mirror up cable release as well.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. The Manfrotto MagFibre series are quite sturdy, light, and have 3 bubbles levels. I have a MagFibre 3 that I comfortably use with my 4x5" and my Rollei SL66. I like three-way pan/tilt heads for my view camera (and use a 329RC4), but you might consider a (hydrostatic) ball head. Arca-swiss or arcatech, or a Manfrotto 488, 468. Check out their website,
  3. I love Mamiya RZ67 system and shoot with 37mm fisheye to 500mm APO lenses. That said, the first issue sort out about a tripod/head support is whether you really prefer/need an adjustable center column. In my routine for landscape photography (as opposed to macrowork) I much prefer NO column. With no column, my nukeproof if expensive system is as follows. 1) Larger Series 4 or 5 Gitzo CF tripod with the removable center plate design, 2) Gitzo G-1321 Level Base, 3) Wimberley Gimbal Head, 4) Bogen / Manfrotto 337 2 Axis Flash Hot Shoe Double Bubble Level. Because of the RZ67 rotating-back there is no need for a flipable head, so Gimbal Head works fantastic. Plus with this system and Arca-Swiss clamps it is easy to balance the center of gravity so even a 20lb body/lens combo can be managed effortlessly. Very expensive, but an outstanding solution. Good Luck!
  4. I use either a Bogen 3221 or Bogen 3443 and an Arca-Swiss B1. I have, and sometimes use, a Joba Double Bubble Level that mounts into the hotshoe of the camera, but more often rely upon a grid focusing screen. The grid screen for the Mamiya RZ Pro II is called an "A4" screen.
  5. I also use a Really Right Stuff plate on the camera to mate with the quick-release on the ballhead.
  6. A Gitzo series 3 tripod would be about right, with a G-1321 Leveling Platform rather than a column. I use a G-1227 CF (series 2) with an Hasselblad, but you have to be careful. Mirror up and a cable releass is de rigeuer. A G-1340 is much stiffer (and heavier).
  7. THanks for all of the suggestions. Much appreciated!

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