Tripod collar adjustment for a AFS 600/4E FL

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  1. I have a 600/4E FL that has barely a trace amount of tripod collar play such that when mounted, rotation is slightly sticky due to the front weight distribution. Play is so slight that I only detect it when pulling the lens out of my Tenba long bag by the tripod foot. Slightly pushing up on the front section of the lens offsets the weight distribution and allows smoother rotation. Are there any screws covered under the collar post that can be tightented to fix this issue? It's certainly not bad enough to send to Nikon and pay several hundred $$ for service including shipping. Of course this may be perfectly normal over time when using this type of lens.
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    Alan, I have the earlier version of the 600mm/f4 AF-S VR from 2007 (announced at the same time as the D3 and D300). That is a heavier lens than yours with the tripod collar toward the front of the lens. Hence I cannot comment on your question.
  3. Probably a Nikon tech support question.

    However, this sounds a little like a problem I had with the 70-200mm. There is a base plate secured by 4 tiny screws that was loose. Just in case.
  4. I guess the real question is whether this movement is a loose wobble somewhere or flex in the joint and/or material itself.
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  5. If the above is not the reason for the play, calling Nikon tech support would likely help. Good luck!

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