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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by golfinjulie, May 24, 2007.

  1. I am looking for a tripod. I mostly do outdoor portaits and some wedding
    photos. My camera is a Canon EOS digital Rebel 300D. I have 2 lenses (Canon
    18-55 and 28-135. I also have a 430EX flash. I will eventually get a longer
    zoom lens maybe 70-200 2.8 hopefully soon. Please give me your best
    recommendation on a moderately priced tripod and head that will accomodate my
    equipment. I live in an area that does not have a camera shop near by and have
    to rely on ordering my equipment. Any advice you can give me will be greatly
  2. Manfrotto 055Pro B (in USA 3021 B)
  3. The best bang for the buck is probably Bogen/Manfrotto as mentioned. I had the 3221 (black 3021) for years and it worked (sold it, still working great actually after 20 years) great for most things, the exception being heavy telephotos. The newer models like the 055Pro B are probably better, but that is just a guess. I'm unfamiliar with the latest heads but the specs are nice.

    Too bad you are not near a shop, most seem to carry Manfrotto products.

    If price were no issue I'd just say take a look at the Gitzo 2530.
  4. No, really the best bang for the buck is the slick 700dx. At 7 lbs. a little big and heavy for hiking, but perfect for what you mention. look here:*&bhs=t
    check for reviews, highly regarded. You won't find anything like it for $100 more than the $130 price (including a pan/tilt head). A nice ballhead might be a nice addition, but for portraits you don't even need it. The pan/tilt head that comes with it is adequate.
  5. Thank you all for the great input. Paul I belive you have probably hit on a great option for me. I will let you see some of my pics when I get set up.
  6. The Slik is $85 at B&H. The differences? The leg snap construction seems less adjustable, nuts are accessible easily to tighten on the Bogen (whether that's an issue? Don't know.) Fewer leg angles - 3 versus 4. The Bogens have the potential to go stainless in some fittings (added price) and they have an available spiked foot option. The "Pro" models have the horizontal post feature. Adding that to the Slik seems to run the prices to being very close (when the options are possible or alternatives used). Giottos seems to be a possible alternative, the leg locks are twist types instead of snaps. I don't know just which is the weight equivalent, I went for a slightly heavier/sturdier model (GB-4180 - 8-10 kg capacity). I haven't had it long enough to give a lot of feedback. I looked closely at both the Slik and the Bogen first, then decided I needed more capacity and traded weight and some $$ for it. I was really, really close to going for the Slik. Niether Slik nor Bogen had one quite comparable to the capacity of the one I got but it's heavier than you may need, it seems.
  7. I've had the Slik 700DX for about 5 years now. Beat the hell out of it. Still works 100% as new. From time to time (like once a year), I will tighten up a couple of hex bolts on the legs but that's all for mantainence other than cleaning. For the past couple of months, I have been using the Slik 700DX and my smaller Bogen 3001 with an ArcaTech ball head. Great combos. The only issue with the Slik is it's weight but's not that bad. The stability is great and the height is also very nice. This tripod can can very high and let's you work standing up when needed.

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