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  1. Tonight Turner Classic Movies channel is showing another gem, "Good Neighbor Sam" from 1964, featuring Jack Lemmon, Romy Schneider and Edward G. Robinson. Of course, what brings the film worthy of this forum is classic cameras. In the scene when Romy Schneider's character first meets corporate big wig Edward G. Robinson, Mr. Robinson's entourage includes his company photographer, who is carrying three cameras with him. A good insight into what a street photographer used in the mid '60s. So, dangling in front of his chest, from right to left, are: a pre-Spotmatic Pentax SLR with a long lens, a Rolleiflex TLR, and, check this out, an Aires Viscount fixed lens rangefinder! The film does not lack conversations between the executives and the company photographer about what photos to take. Well worth watching just on account of that.
    By the way, I need to thank DVR for being able to pause live TV and review the scene several times for me to discern the make of the cameras!
  2. What's this post about again? I stopped reading after Romy Schneider.
  3. What's this post about again? I stopped reading after Romy Schneider.​
    At least you have an opinion about her!
  4. That Aires Viscount, introduced in 1959, had a dynamite H-Coral 45mm f/1.9 lens in a super quiet Seikosha-SLV shutter. It was well made and reasonably priced. It also sported additional frame lines in the viewfinder for the accessory telephoto attachment lens. In all, a nice shooter. I haven't seen that film in ages. I'll have to check it out again. Thanks for the heads up, Yefei.
  5. The Viscount is great. The finder is wonderful, beautiful bright lines and a good bright (but soft-edged) RF patch. The finder was very novel, patent protected, giving good bright lines at low cost.
  6. Thanks for the post :

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