Trim Bag for DSLR with prime 80-200 lens ATTACHED

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  1. Can anyone recommend a bag that will hold a DSLR (nikon d200) with a prime 80-200 lens attached? "Attached" is the key word - which is probably obvious at this point. The other priority is sleek/trim. I only carry that prime lens and a wide-angle so I really don't want any mega-sized bag/backpack. Thanks!
  2. Try Think Tank Photo for some options.
    And your 80-200 is a zoom , not a prime .
  3. Charles, thanks for the brief reply but I have looked at every website I could think of: Think Tank, Domke, Tamrac, Lowepro, Kata & this forum. I have done my research and was really hoping someone could speak from experience.
  4. Not sure how big an 80-200 is but when I want to keep a 70-200 2.8 attached the best bag I have ever used is the Thinktank Urban Disguise 35. Its pretty compact and very roomy and its very easy to get the camera in and out. I do have to reverse the hood but I think that would be a given.
    If you just want to take the camera and lens they make digital holsters that zip down to fit larger lenses.
  5. Thanks, Tommy. The 80-200 is 8.15 inches long vs 8.5 inches on the 70-200.
  6. I use a TTP Urban Disguise 50 - bigger than you want, but quite trim for what it holds.
    I have looked at their other bags, and the Urban Disguise 20 may be just what you need.
  7. I did the same thing as you, I looked all over and tried many bags and finally settled on the UD 35. The 35 is a great bag and I found fitting a 70-200 seems to be the limiting factor in getting a fairly small bag to fit. I have the UD 20 as well when I just use a few small primes but when I need zooms the 35 is perfect. Its amazing what it can hold, I usually use it with 3 lenses ( 24-105, 70-200 and a prime ) plus a flash and accessories but you can pack so much more if you wanted to. Its pretty sleek and fairly compact and its very well made.
    The 20 is nice but its much more snug then the 35 and it will not fit a 70-200. I find even with a prime its a little hard to get my 5D2 in and out quickly without having to stretch it open a bit. In time I have learned to prefer that since I use it almost like a holster.
    The 35 has a wider opening then the other UD bags and its easier to work with.
  8. The LowePro Stealth Reporter 400 model will carry aCanon 70-200 f2.8 IS attached to body. You can check the length/width stat's. on that lens at Canon site, but I'm pretty sure that is one of the porkiest 70-200's, worst case.The lid bumps up slightly, but it works ok. The LowePro 400 is signif. deeper than the 300 model, with the latter it wouldn't work. Check the interior dim. stat's on LowePro site to be sure though.
  9. The Lowepro TopLoader 75 AW takes my D700 and 70-200mm. If you want to add a WA lens, just get a Lowepro lens case that attaches to the Toploader.
  10. Just noticed your "trim" requirement, that might exclude the LowePro SR 400, it's pretty bulky.
  11. I saw a Crumpler bag that looked terrific. The colors it came in were very cool also (my problem was no non-cool all black). They seem very well made and designed for use, btw I now use a Domke F-2 for reference.
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    I've liked the Think Tank bag so far, and added an accessory lens changing pouch. I really like waist bags and this one swings around quick easily to work from, with option to use just the shoulder strap. It will hold more than just one additional lens -- I've carried a Hasselblad with two additional lenses and film in mine -- but it's a fairly trim bag.
    The Speed Freak will take a D300 (my camera) with 70-300 f/4-5.6 attached, even extended a little, or same with VR 105mm f/2.8 macro attached, without any problems (just tested). I've used the Speed Freak at a festival, very comfortable to carry for several hours. Several attachments are available if you want to expand carrying capacity without having to have a large bag all the time.
    There's one size larger (Speed Racer) and one size smaller (Speed Demon). The Speed Freak has an interior height of 9.75”, so that should work if you like waist belt bags. The Speed Demon appears to be too short for your camera with the mounted lens.
    The other route is the suggestion to get the Lowepro TopLoader 75 AW and a secondary lens case for the WA lens. But I like having room to carry car keys and a wallet in the camera bag rather than have those things in pockets.

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