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  1. Little Richard in 2007. Rest in peace. Richard.jpg
  2. A few years ago I started looking up Blues performers I'd seen and a surprising high number of them had passed on, many way too soon. Must be a rough life out there. Candye Kane, 2010, interesting bio. MBBF 10_Candye Kane_5.jpg
  3. Little Richard

  4. Jessie Matthews.jpg
    Jessie Matthews "The Dancing Divinity"
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  5. Billy Fury, a great Liverpudlian rock star

  6. D-DAY Memorial P1050047.JPG in Bedford va
  7. PSX_20200514_140900-01.jpeg
    Elvis Impersonator
  8. PA-Reynolds-hd.jpg
    Monument to General Reynolds at Gettysburg
  9. Dean, a good friend and fabulous guitar player. Passed away from ALS in 2001. dean at work.jpg

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