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  1. I asked this before, but got a minimal response. Has anyone been
    using 'new' Tri X. If so, how does it compare to 'old' Tri X, and
    what developer, time temp. do you use. I noticed that 'new' Tri X is
    about 40% more than the older stuff, and its all 24 exp. I have one
    roll of the old stuff, and I have to make a decision.

    Thanks for your input.
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    One thing I noticed is that it sure has a heavy curl about it, so much so that it's sometimes impossible to position it in the film holder of my Minolta scanner.
  3. I have shot approx. 30 rolls of new TX. I cannot see any visual differences between new and old. I rate mine at EI 320 in an M6 body. I use D76 1:1, and recommend using Kodak's time & temp as a starting point (tho my guess is you will eventually be happy at 10-15% less time). I develop mine in a Jobo processor, so my info is pretty far off Kodak's. If you're interested, I develop at 75~F, with a 3' presoak, and 5' development time, all at Jobo rotation speed 3. I agree with Tony about the neg curling. It is important to use a hon-hardening fixer to help with this (I use Kodak Rapid Fix w/o the hardener), but it still curls a lot.

    Overall I love TX. I have no problem with the new factory and all the internet rumors about it. Given today's economic climate, I'm just glad they are still making it.
  4. Hi Melvin, I have made good contrasty negatives using the new emulsion with HC-110 (dil-B) for 6 minutes with agitation every 30 sec first mimute, then once a minute (at 20 degrees). I know this is longer than suggested. The negatives look the same as they used to to me.

    So, overall, it seems okay, but I have moved over to HP5 with DDX now. Less grainy.
  5. Melvin,

    What do you mean by "its all 24 exp"? B&H sells the new in the same 36 exposure rolls as the old.
  6. New one is as good as old one, I don't get any curving. I develop them also in the same way. (ISO 400, D 76, 1:1, 11 min). Maybe there are differences with other developers.
  7. Mine curl fiercely if I fix for too long. Right now my workflo is:
    D76@68 degrees for 9.45 minuites while agitating first 30 sec then agitate for 5 sec every 30 sec; Stop bath 30 sec; fix 5 minutes; wash 5 minutes; hypo 2 minutes; wash 5 minutes & then photo-flo

    I am new to this. My film still curls, but I think its correlated to fixing time (one time I got distracted & fixed for 8 minutes & the curl was aweful)

    One time I used some Ilford developer (don't remember exact name) and the film did't seem to curl up nearly as much.
  8. i think theres more silver in the older stuff.....the negs just seem to be a bit richer in tone somehow.....theres more grain in the new stuff too....
  9. I have shot six rolls of the new stuff (that's six 100 foot rolls), and I can find no difference what-so-ever in the look of the stuff. I use the same dev times, chemicals and EI as for the old stuff. Physically, the emulsion seems to be sturdier, less chance of scratching when wet. Never had a problem with curling, old or new style. Price for a long roll is $24 at B&H or Adorama. Was $23 two years ago, but I would think that's just inflation at work, not Kodak. All of the normal packaging quantities were still available (24, 36, 100 ft, 50 packs etc) last time I ordered.

  10. I live about 10 miles from Kodak Park. I guess the supply line is clogged, because the local stores carry only 24 exp. Tri x, at prices from $4.19 to $4.59 per roll no multi packs. I haven't yet seen 36 exp. Previously, I used to pay about $2.79 - 2.99 per roll, also 24 exp.

    I asked the question because there was a few articles about new tri x raving about it.

    Thanks to everyone for their input.
  11. I agree with Tony on curling of the negatives -- it's a problem when while scanning(I fill my bathtab with hot water to make a bathroom steamy and prevent curling but it still does; the radiators spitting hot air don't help either). Otherwise, I luv my Tri-X -- I developed few rolls in T-Max developer and grain was so smoooooth I couldn't find it with my grain focuser. I also use it with Diafine and it's just fantastic (better than pushed in D-76). What's the story with 24 frame roll? I always buy 36. Tri-X forever!

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