Tri-X in Diafine

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by andrew_hull, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Is it sharp enough for full 8x12? I want to commit to one film for
    the upcoming trip to Portugal. Is Tri-X in Diafine too soft for 8x12?
  2. Diafine is a VERY, VERY sharp developer. If you like 8x10 prints from D-76, you will like 16x20 with Diafine. Test carefully to establish your personal EI.
  3. Tri-X in Diafine will be very sharp and a bit grainy for 8x12. It works for some subjects and not for others, but that's my opinion. Reports suggest that the new version of Tri-X has finer grain than the old version so you may or may not find that a problem. My experience is limited to the older version of the product until my current stocks run out. I like the old version myself and just picked up a couple of 100 ft. rolls for bulk loading, so it will be a while before I experiment with the new version.

    I've found that while you can shoot at EI 1600 with this combination, you'll likely get a bit more shadow detail at EI 1250 or so. Whether or not you can extract that shadow detail when printing will depend more on your printing technique than anything else. Still, my results at EI 1600 were pretty good.

    I suggest that you shoot a couple of rolls in a bunch of different lighting conditions before you commit. You may find that this combination yields too much speed for outdoor daylight work.
  4. Frank:

    I have also found the "sweetspot" to be around 1250, but I really have to keep an eye on backlighting. I am rather fond of Plus-X in the Diafine also, and have found that at 400 they are almost overexposed.
  5. I know this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find it right now: Where can one purchase Diafine in the United States?
  6. Diafine is available at B&H. I found tri-x in diafine much too grainey. Of course I have never like Tri-x since I shot some in 1954. About every 10 years I end up with some Tri-x and reconfirm my dislike of it. I shot a roll of 120 tri-x pro last year and developed it in Diafine. The 5x7 prints from the 6x6 negatives were too grainey.
  7. bh had restrictions on shipping diafine, last time I checked. I bought it at the other mail order store.

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