Tri-X 400 or TMY best for 3200 push?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by giverin, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. I've probably left it too late to get some Delta 3200 in for some low light night shots next week. I've got plenty rolls of Tri-X 400 and Tmax 400 and I was wondering what would give better results with a 3200 push? As a supplementary question, I'll probably buy some more Microphen to develop the film in but would it be too much to ask of D76 to handle such a big push?
  2. Pushed Tri-X and TMY are pretty close but generally I prefer TMY pushed to 1600-3200 in Microphen (usually stock solution, but 1+1 is okay up to 1600). Seems to have a little finer grain and less contrast than Tri-X... overall tonality looks more normal, less "pushed".
    "...would it be too much to ask of D76 to handle such a big push?"​
    I think so. That's pretty much why I moved from ID-11 (comparable to D76) to Microphen. Even Delta 3200 at 1600 was disappointing in ID-11.
  3. Thanks Lex. As usual, an informative answer.
  4. Microphen has a low alkalinity; thus it has less grain when overdeveloped compared to say when D76 is overdeveloped.
    A High alkaline level can raise the amount of grain. The alkali (borax , sodium carbonate, etc) helps the developing agent; it accelerates it.
    Microphen (fine grain developer) has less sulfite than D76.
    If you are running some lens resolving tests; Microphen can have a lower accutance than other developers; thus you get slightly lower number and can brag less! :)
  5. I've done it with Tri-X 400 (sorry, no examples handy). Turned out just fine as far as I'm concerned - a little grainy but not bad. I used Rodinal 1+200, agitate via slow inversions for 30 seconds, then leave alone for remainder of 2 hrs (all at room temp, about 20 degrees C). I don't think I've ever done it with TMY to compare directly, though. The same semi-stand Rodinal technique would work for it as well, as it develops to completion. Not sure how it compares to Microphen, though.
  6. I regularly push Neopan400 to 3200 in XTol (1:2) with outstanding results. I don't care for TriX (personal taste), but I cannot see why the same results could not be had.
    Here is something with the fuji brother......
  7. Thanks again guys. Kelly, thanks for the developer information. I'm at the stage now where I know what developer is best for my needs but I don't always know why. Thanks for explaining the chemistry behind it.

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