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  1. The result of 300 visits deep into each of America’s 59 national parks over 23 years, "Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey Through America’s National Parks " is the most comprehensive photography book about the national parks, and pioneers a new concept of art book and guidebook in one.
    "Treasured Lands" is of particular interest to the readers of this forum because its detailed and informative textual contents (130,000 words) was written by a photographer for photographers. It is the only coffee-table book that I know in which travel and photography notes complement each single image in the book, providing photographers with the information they need to travel to the locations where the image was made at the right time of the day and year. For convenience, those notes will be available as a PDF formated for mobile devices, which will be made available to owners of the book for a nominal fee.
    As a old-timer, in addition to the pre-launch bonuses, I offering to readers a 15% discount on signed and limited copies (I don't control others), with the coupon code "photonet", which will expire on Oct 1, 2016, upon official publication. I am happy to answer any questions related to the book and its photography here.
    To take advantage of this offer, visit
  2. Quang-Tuan, congratulations! A beautiful effort. Well worthy of an honored place in anyone's collection.
    As a lifelong nature lover and (sometimes) nature photographer, I am very enthused by this announcement. All the more so as Amazon will make the book available (on pre order) for US$39.63, reduced from US$65.00, which even with our currently lousy Aussie dollar/US dollar exchange (currently 70 cents on the dollar) and P&P to pay on overseas shipping on top of the book price, is a great bargain indeed.
    Amazon is also offering bonuses for pre orders.
    I will most certainly be putting in my order in September, and I encourage all other nature lovers on this site to do the same.
  3. Treasured Lands was sold out from Amazon three weeks after Oct 1 publication. This is a quick announcement that today, the second printing arrived at Amazon and the book is available there again.

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