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Discussion in 'Minox' started by andrew_kleinfeld, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Anyone have experience with TSA while carrying a Minox (the spy camera size, B, BL, C, LX, etc.)? Do they let it through? Confiscate it because it doesn't look like a camera to them? I especially would like to use while traveling, but sure don't want it confiscated, damaged, or opened.
  2. Andrew, no need to worry. Put the Minox camera into your carry one bag. No problem most of the times,
    occasionally, security officer may wonder what gadget is it, You just tell them it is a camera, you press the
    shutter and let him listen to the click.

    I carry Minox B, two Minox C, travelled Europe, China, Japan, Thailand, , Angkor Wat, Malaysia, Indonisia...

    for more than 10 years, every time in and out airport many times, never any problem

    You need to carry back up battery and enough Minox film, proper Minox battery and Minox film is impossible
    to find during travel.
  3. Thanks. Good to know about clicking the shutter.

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